IMG_4212  Time for teaching:: 

These workshops will enable the clients to become active partners in their own healing processes.

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Basic journeying workshop:

Get to know your own, personal power animal,  navigator and guide in the spirit world. Learn how to journey to the lower, upper and middle  shamanic worlds of spirit and make contact, safely , with your personal helpers and spirit friends. There is also time practicing  rattling and drumming for yourself and others. Lots of journey practice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Day  workshop – Cost 225.00

Getting to know your Spirit Helpers:

Get to know your four major spirit helpers and guides who will be with you daily working behind the scenes, so to speak, to keep you safe and growing spiritually for your lifetime.

One day workshop –  Cost 75.00

Prerequisite Basic Journey Workshop 


          Learn  three basic ways of asking questions  you have for the world of spirit and then further  clarifying the answers.

Cost  50.00


Drum making :


Bond with your personal drum.  Then, put the drum into form.  Learn it’s name and the function it wants to have in your life.  Participate in a ceremony to dedicate and open the spirit of your  drum.

One Day Workshop –  Cost 100.00 plus the cost of the drum kit

Connect with the spirits of nature :

This is a one day workshop held outside. You will journey to and interact with the spirits of nature in many different ways.  It is a beautiful time becoming acquainted with our earth spirit friends.

One Day Workshop –  Cost 75.00

Crystal Bowls Sing:

There are seven major chakras in the human  body. Each corresponds to an energy center.  Cyrstal bowls tuned to each of these chakras energize each center.  It is a way of becoming acquainted with the energy within your own body by music. I have seven bowls , each tuned to awaken the energy in each of these centers. Come and listen. Close your eyes and see the images they share.  Journal.  Go deep and deeper yet within your self and listen to the resonance of your own body. Come and get to know more about your inner self.

Two hour workshop – Cost 100.00

Drumming circle:

Listen to the magic of the heartbeat of the drum. Let it soar over you. Let it flow under you.   Let it wash over you and surround you.   Immersed yourself fully in the steady flow of the heartbeat of the drum   let it clear and cleanse you.  Listen to your own heart in the  heart beat of the drum.

One to two hour workshop – Cost 25.00

Day of wonder:

This is a combination of Divination, Drumming circle , and the Crystal Bowls Sing. We journey together.  We reflect our journeys in drumming .  Then we clear our intentions with Divination and we drum our intentions to the universe. Lastly we enter into the energy centers of our bodies and sing with the bowls. It is a beautiful day spent immersed in the world of spirit and self knowledge.  The day is marked and honored with the creation of an apecheta.  This you get to take home to remind  you of the wonders spirit imparted in this workshop!

Four hour workshop –  Cost 150.00 – a savings of 50.00 on the individual workshops

Bring a lunch