Can Bugs Talk to Us???

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Can bugs talk to us??   Or, would they even want to speak to a human being??  Then if they did wish to have a conversation with us, the next question is why on earth would they????

I cannot answer all of the questions.  I leave it to you dear reader to journey to the bug world and ask them for the answers.  But, I can answer the first question.  Can bugs talk to us???  I answer with a resounding “YES!!”.

Before I go further  I will start way back a few years ago, and describe the first time for me.  I have yellow jackets living on my land.  Rarely do we meet, because they live out in the field behind the barn.  But for some reason, this particular year they started coming closer to the garage and the front of the barn.

I keep huge water barrels there to catch the rain water for watering the plants and for watering the animals.  The yellow jackets were flying around the water barrels and I was trying to work in the same area.  So, I picked up the two yellow jackets on a board and dumped them into the water barrel.  I wanted to kill them so they would not bite me.  This was truly an unprecedented act of violence on my part.  They had never bitten me before.  I had no real reason to think they would bite me.  But, racial unconscious paranoia jumped in and all I thought  was, yellow jackets bite.

They floated on the water  for a while, then I noticed they were swimming toward each other.  When they reached each other,  they wrapped their legs around each other and held each other up from drowning.  I was stunned.  I stopped what I was doing and just stared!!!  They knew what they were doing.  They were saving each other.

I could not watch this display of consciousness and intelligence in a bug that I had dismissed so easily as dangerous and incapable of any form of conscious act.  They had swum toward each other with conscious intent.

Immediately, I  grabbed the board and lifted the two jackets out of the water and put them down on the dry ground.  They shook themselves , recovered and flew away.  I deeply apologized to them for being so uppity and cruel.  That was the beginning.

Several times later in other circumstances in other places I have come  across yellow  jackets flying about me. I always explain to them that I am the one who saved their relatives.  And they respond by flying away.  Or by simply keeping a respectful distance and watching.

Yes, bugs can talk.  And all of creation seeks relationship with us.   Make friends with a new form of life today.  Be respectful.  Ask permission to speak with them.  And if they indicate it is OK then say hello and ask them about themselves.  Go from there as you would any friend.



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Can Fish Talk To Us?????


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  Can fish talk to us?????   Do they even want to???  Then again, do I want to talk with them?? For a long time I spoke only to four legged mammals.  I have long conversation with my dog.  I automatically speak to all mammals, bugs, slugs, etc..  It is a natural part of my life.

I did not even think of having a conversation with a fish.  After all what is our common ground??  I live in an air environment.  They live in the water.  What would we have to talk about.???

Well recently in celebration of my birthday, my family took me to an aquarium.  Full of , what ??  Fish !!!!  So I had a marvelous time walking around and looking at all the beautiful , loving creatures there and never thought of speaking to them.  I held my hands and eyes so I was giving them reiki.  I thought of that.

There was a sea lion performance towards the end of our visit, where he did the most amazing things.  Jumping through hoops!!  Catching rings on his neck!!  Racing around the tank with a ball on his nose!!!  All sorts of things I doubt he did in the wild.   He was so beautiful I started to cry .  The beauty was overwhelming!!

This beautiful sea lion seemed to actually be enjoying doing these tricks.  So, without realizing what I was doing I asked the sea lion if he was enjoying this.  He immediately replied, “Yes!”.  Then I realized what I had done.  I had had a brief interchange with a water living animal.  Perhaps not a fish per se, but truly a water living animal.

So, when the performance was over, I went to some of the smaller tanks holding  what I consider full fledged fish and tried speaking to them.  I started with “Hello, you beautiful one!!”.   Some came over and some did not.  So I asked, “Can we talk?”.  they immediately replied in the affirmative.  But, my ability to do this seemed limited, so I asked them why. They replied that since  I did not live in the water ,  it would be a bit more difficult  for me to  understand some of the things they felt and experienced  from their water environment.

That made sense.  so, I started to remember what I had felt when I used to swim a lot.  That helped.  As I went from tank to tank, my ability to listen to them grew!  Slowly but surely they were teaching me how to speak with them.

The phrase, “we are all one”, makes a lot more sense to me now.

It was awesome!!! I loved it!!!  Now, I know that all creatures love to communicate.  Whether it is with us as humans or others of their own species.  I fully intend to take advantage of this more in the future.  Try it.  You will enrich your life and the lives of those beings you decide to talk with.


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This is the last part of my series on healing, or better said, the joy of healing.

This last part will answer the question of how healing can be a joy.  I want to first distinguish between a deep abiding joy and a passing  happiness. I can be very unhappy when I find the healing process painful. But,  that does not affect my deep abiding joy at the fact that I am healing and coming closer to the divine.

Sometimes the healer can offer a peaceful , easy process that actually in the long run promotes the problem.  Healing does demand we move out of our comfort zones

There are easily a million ways to describe healing.  Some might refer to it as another form of enlightenment, where we become one with our eternal soul and hence fully healthy.  But enlightenment is not a settled state it is a process or a journey. A journey implies movement and not a static position.

Others consider a state of homeostasis where the disease is basically held in check by medication or treatment modalities.  Then again this is  usually a symptom treatment program and not a deep healing at its source.

And, some consider death to be the ultimate healing.

While some consider their healing as a natural consequence of a spiritual path whereby they are re rooted in their soul or source or divine self;  healing is usually  a combination of traditional, and alternative modalities. The modality may require some painful moments or processes, yet,  as I said above, the deep abiding joy that we are actually getting healthier never is touched unless we as individuals choose to ignore it.

Healing involves moving with the natural tendency of our being. Healing is a natural flow of our being, or even our existence.  Yet we must make the choice to flow with it, or fight against it.   We make the choice on which  to focus. Do we focus on the fact that we have moved out of our comfort zone?  Or do we focus on the fact that while uncomfortable we are getting better.  We are getting closer to the divine within ourselves. I prefer to focus on the long range and make a decision to move out of my comfort zone and enter the heady space of the eternal.

It comes down to the decision we make.  and we can focus on the joy of coming closer to our true self.  I choose to do that.  come with me!!!


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Healing #2

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This is the second  in a series on healing that I am doing.  Primarily, I am focusing on the joy of healing. While I do recognize that healing can involve some really painful processes, keeping our eyes on the goal of restored closeness to the Divine, makes the journey so worth while.  Remembering this, makes the journey a joyful one.

Ultimately, I believe that if I live according to my spiritual guides, the purpose of everything is to lead me to a higher level of spiritual evolution.   And if I wish , I believe I can structure my life on this belief.

I will continue where I left off in the first blog on this subject.  Since, healing and return to ease and balance are the natural states of the soul, then I believe there can be an easy flow to it.  Flow implies movement without hindrance.  Without hindrance indicates the possibility of freedom and with freedom,  heartfelt joy.  To know we are getting closer and closer to our goal, like being in birth labor, is exciting and portends great joy.  In this case, we are birthing ourselves.  Our enlightened selves!!

It is one thing to say something and another thing to experience it. What is this joyful healing process??  In general terms, it implies a relaxed state. In other words, it means we stop fighting against the problem and start loving it.  For so many of us, healing is a war.  We war against the issue that needs to be healed.   A war between health and spiritual disease. A war zone is never a pleasant place.  But, even more important, fighting implies resistance.  And resisting anything is a guaranteed way to enlarge it. To create more of it!!

Even when we are focused on the positive aspects of the healing, if we are fighting against the issue to get those positive effects, the universe sees the “against” and we can easily defeat our purpose. Hence, no joy, no flow, no ease! Only gritted teeth and raw determination!!!  these are far from love and do not heal!

Almost inadvertently we find ourselves focused on what we are are against.  Focusing on this puts energy into it. So we find ourselves putting energy into into the very thing we are trying to get rid of. But, putting energy into something only gives it food to grow, and become more powerful.  We we find ourselves empowering the very thing we want to weaken.

So we love it! We thank it. And love and gratitude are always followed with sending it on its way never to be thought of again.

But, how on earth can I love my jealousy or my over competitiveness, or my lousy childhood, or my rotten siblings or parents or children etc.  etc.   We can love them only when we see these things through our spiritual eyes.  Only when we see these things as passing reminders of something that needs to be healed in our lives before we can move on in our spiritual evolution.  So we thank the issue, bless it and send it on its way to be healed  itself.

Then we put energy into what we are “for”.  Healing!!!   We dream on the wonders of being healed.  We imagine what it would feel like.  We practice being healed.  We move forward and our soul leads the way!  We stop looking back and look forward!

Next blog will be #3 and the closing blog on this issue. Be sure to catch it!!



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Healing Part One

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Boy, have I missed you folks!!!!!  It has been hard, this blogging vacation. But, I finally discovered why we were getting multiple versions of the same blog.  And, I discovered how to finally eliminate it!!! So we are back in business.

I want to start a series on healing.  The reason for this was inspired by some folks I know who were going through healing crisis after healing crisis and were down in the dumps because of it.  They are tired, unhappy, worn out and wanting to just lie down and rest !!!

It occurred to me that in the times I have been physically ill, I was far from down in the dumps when I realized a turning point and the healing  began!! In fact, I was so elated that I tended, at times, to overdo it!!  So why are people who were healing spiritually so worn out and wanting to hide  and just rest!!!

There can be a lot of reasons for this, and all are well intentioned.  One, could be that they are pushing themselves too hard!!! That will exhaust anyone, as I well know.  Then, there is the possibility that they are giving themselves away, thinking that was the way to greater spiritual truth!  I want to again say that I have been there.  I learned the hard way, that if I do not take care of myself, I will not have anything to give to others.

What I offer in this series is my view of healing and how it can be a joyous ride!!!

I see and hear a lot lately about healing, personal healing, growing spiritually, connecting with our life force, our true self.  Much is said about the work, the struggles and the hard , painful process of the digging deep.  Little is said, about taking care of yourself.  Being gentle with your self! And not demanding too much at one time.!! And above all, I see little or nothing about the joy that the  healing process brings.

Personally, I am tired of all that unappealing stuff.  Few want to incur healing if it means just more pain on an eternal basis!!  Since, to me, healing means connecting with the divine within ourselves, what could be happier!! What could bring more joy, energy and sheer contentment than that.  Arriving sick at our altar of our healing and leaving well is a time for celebration. Healing is the natural process of the human experience and one of the reasons we are here on this physical plane in the first place.   No matter what facet of the human experience ,   be it the body, the psyche, or  the emotions , getting healthy and staying healthy is a natural thing.  Sickness, or dis-ease, as it is referred to, is not natural. It is just that, dis-ease!!!!  So, returning to a state of ease, should be a joyous process!

I am not saying that the healing sometimes incurs some painful events or things to do, because just as in the physical body, something like physical therapy can be unsettling, so there can be things in the spiritual healing process that are very uncomfortable on a short time basis.  But, underneath it all is the sheer joy of knowing you are getting better. And the painful  treatment is only very short.  And we can live in that joy!!

From the moment the personality begins to sense a lack of ease, or a disease, the soul starts sending out healing energies.  It is not the natural state of our being to be ill at ease, (and the pun is definitely intended), with any facet of  ourselves.  When healing, we are in the natural flow of life.  “In the flow”, well now there is another well used phrase.  Some day I will blog on well worn, commonly accepted phrases and offer an alternative way of looking at them  that I feel is a truer view of the meaning. Seeking truth,in my motto, outside of commonly accepted designs or images demands I question most everything that is poured into me and others  as “truth”.  And perhaps “truth” will be my first word.

For now, back to healing!

All of nature seeks balance.  Disease is just another way of saying  something is out of balance.  Unfortunately so often, the messages go to the unconscious mind and are missed by the conscious mind.  This often  happens with children, who are powerless in so many ways, so messages are just buried till the child comes to an age where they have some control over their lives, and can respond to the message.  Again unfortunately, often by the time they are of that age, they have so lost and buried the message they have no idea it is even there let alone how to retrieve it.

That is enough for today.  I will continue the theme in my next blog.  In the meantime,I would appreciate any thoughts on this idea from you happy readers


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I am sorry for any confusion

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I think I finally have worked out the bugs.  I am sending this without the scheduling option.  If it works we are home free.  There is still the blog I just created called, Temporary Check In, to monitor.  As I said, if there are problems still, I will cancel Mail Chimp and change delivery systems.  Again, I thank every one for their patience and help in working this out.

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Temporary check in

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This is not going to be a “real” blog.  I am very tired, as I  am sure many of you are, of Mail Chimp delivering the same blog over and over and over again.

This time I am going to try something totally different. You see, with the old program, Mail Chimp delivered the blog when I wrote it and then only. Now, with their new program they want me to schedule the delivery of the blog. Consequently we have delivery of multiple blogs. This is even more confusing since they expressly say they will not deliver the same content  repeatedly.

Now this is not because I am scheduling multiple deliveries, because I certainly am not, but because of a snafu in the program itself.  Because it is a free program, Mail Chimp does not provide on line support.  One must work their way through a list of pre -programmed replies to issues. Consequently, the issue I have has not been resolved.  Unfortunately it is not addressed in the pre-programmed answers.

This time I am going to attempt to send this blog without any scheduling.  Please wish me luck.  If it does not work, I am going to switch delivery systems, as there are others out there.

I do want to thank everyone who has patiently waded through this with me.

Here is hoping we all only get one copy of this blog.

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Before I begin the main subject of this blog, I want to apologize for the multiple repetitions of the same blog over the past two times.  I do not know what Mail Chimp is up to, but I do know how annoying it can be when something like this happens.  They did make some changes in their program and it has been a bit confusing.  So it may be my error.  However, they also state that they will not send out repetitive  copies of the same material.   I am trying to work this out with their tech support now.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.  Thank you for sticking this out.

Now, to the main event!!

Every once in a while, there comes a signature moment in life. A moment that becomes the dominant force in life.  Everything before that, looks forward to it and everything after, looks back on it.

The impact of it colors all the decisions that made at the time.  And, the results of it  reverberate down through time to the detriment or blessing of decisions made in  future time.

For some, there are moments in  childhood that carry the weight of such an impact.  For others,   the day of their marriage, or the death of  someone special, perhaps the death of a loved pet and companion; carry such weight.  No matter what it is, we are never far from the effects of the event even if it is buried in our subconscious.  Often, the things that most effect our present lives are memories  long forgotten to the  conscious mind.  Yet, they still rule us from the subconscious.

A lot has been written by Jung on this.  I do not attempt to paraphrase or add to  his words.  I simply want  want to share here such a signature moment in my life.

I have written several blogs about anger.  Today I will write about Love!  I capitalize the word, because the event I will describe immersed me so deeply in the reality of Love that it became a separate spirit  with a name.   I capitalize the name, Love.

I have known the warm safety of the embrace of Love.  I have known  total immersion in the  depths of Love.   Both of these in one event.  My first Native American Ceremony!!!  The first time coming home from ceremony, I cried and cried, unaware of the reason for my tears.  I only knew that I had been full and now I was emptying. I later saw it as a withdrawal from the incredible spiritual high of the event.  So many of the native ceremonies require  fasting and prayer. In this case,  four days of fasting had completely lifted   me out of the world of the physical and plunked me down   into the closest connection I had yet had with The Great Spirit.  The Great Mystery!!

I had been swimming in the ocean of Love.  The essence of Love!  The essence of Being itself!   I saw that it was also the essence of me!  I was palpably aware of my connection to Creative Love itself!!  I realized that within me was a spark of total Beingness.  At my core was a spark of Love!! And that was the energy that made it possible for me to walk and talk and breathe.  I saw that creation was the action  of Love.

I wish I could say I have lived up to the high calling of that realization ever since, but I cannot.  But, I can say I have moved a bit closer to it.  I have  as I quoted in a poem from a previous blog,  I “touched the face of God”. 

Some day in the future I am going to blog   on the subject of  our life purpose.  But, for today I am only going to say that the purpose of my existence solidified, for me, at that moment.  If , I as one human being live  and breathe by the spark of Love, then all that live and  and breathe, do so by the same spark within them.  And with that I realized the connection of all of creation.

That meant that everything I did impacted all of creation. Ripples of actions and words and perhaps even ideas would travel the delicate yet firm cords of connection from me to others. That included the two legged, the four legged, the standing tall nation, the rock nation, and all the creations we tend to mistakenly think of as inert and lifeless.  When  I healed,  they healed.  If I destroyed a facet of my being, they suffered similarly for it.

I began to see radical  responsibility in a whole different light.  Such a realization simultaneously weighed me down and yet,  lightened and relieved me at the same time.  If when I healed, creation healed,  then when I loved, creation loved.  We are all hugging   in a beautiful dance.  Through all the ups and downs of this earthy existence we are never alone.  We are dancing .  And, we can make it a dance of beauty!



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Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image

Actually,  Part 1 was entitled All Hell Broke Loose.  But the subject matter of that blog as of this blog was the process of Awakening!!  And the process I am currently engaged in to facilitate and speed awakening is the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono.  

Whereas, the first time I blogged, the process of awakening was very painful,  this time it was just the opposite.  I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt so light I wondered why I was not able to levitate and fly over the floor, without touching it.

I was at work , and the usual mix of folks was coming in.  As a library clerk, I am the first they meet and the first they bring their problems or library issues to.  It is a fun job, and I have made many friends of the patrons.  I do look forward to each and everyone of my new and special friends. For, while I am checking their books out or in  we can catch up with each other .

The difficult part can be more with the folks with whom I share the desk.  I have made friends there too, but when you are working in close proximity with folks, no matter how much you like each other,  you can sometimes inadvertently trip over each other.

I believe that if I am confronted with a problematic situation,  by the law of attraction, I have drawn it in.  I believe that there is some aspect of the problem that also exists in me, since I believe people are mirror images of each other. Like attracts like.  The purpose of this orchestration by the universe being to make me aware of what is in me.

So, my first reaction to a  personality clash is to look inside myself and to  sink into the feeling it gives me.  In this case, it made me feel small.  Now, I know I am not small.  I am a spark of the divine and that is no small thing.  But, I felt small.  So,I ask myself , what  happened in my past to condition me to small feelings whenever this particular type of personality clash happens.

Knowing that I am not small, I got angry at myself for having these feelings. Not terribly productive you might say and you would be right.  I agree.  It is not terribly productive.  But it is real.  So there is in my  unconscious  memory something that I am reacting off  of,  instead of reacting off of the reality of the present situation.

I hope this is not too confusing.

The premise of ho’oponopono is that we can erase these past programs and memories buried in our subconscious, by reciting the ho’oponopono prayer.  When erased, these memories cease to  affect us in the present.  In other words, we are free to act on personal choice instead of on preconditioning.  It is the essence of freedom!!

I love that part, and it does work.

So, I started to recite  the prayer in my mind.  “I love you.  I am sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you.”

Briefly, this translates into this.   The “I love you.”,  is addressed to the self, to the divine in the self.  Love is the great healer. The  second phrase, “I am sorry.”,  refers to expressing sorrow for allowing past negative memories to influence this present moment. It does not imply any guilt because the memory is unconscious and  the reaction to the situation is so impulsive its motives are also unconscious.  The third phrase, “Please forgive me.”, is addressed to the divine within us and is self explanatory.  The last phrase   is, “Thank you.”   Thank you for healing me and erasing the past memory.

Recited often enough and long enough it is very effective.  Programs planted deep in our memories are erased and no longer affect us. It is not a fast process.  It can take time and much patient repetition of the words. But, it does work.

In this case I was wanting to erase the programmed response of feeling small when confronted by someone whose personality clashed with mine.

No tears!  Not crying!  Just the feeling of a huge log rolling off of my back.  I could almost see it roll off. I remember walking across the floor to shelve some books and feeling like I was actually flying.  It felt sooo very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My energy was high. I fairly floated around the entire floor shelving, talking to patrons, visiting with my co workers, and loving every minute of it.  It gets better.  Later that evening, I tried to remember just what had happened and what was the unconscious memory I had reacted off of.  I could not remember it at all. I still cannot. It is gone!!

Awakening does not have to be painful to be effective. It can come with great joy!!


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Shamanic Dreams

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 I have recently come across two of my favorite poems while in High School.  The first is  by John Gillespie Magee Jr., and is entitled “High Flight”.

“Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,  And danced the skies on laughter silvered wings;  Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds  —  and done a hundred things you have not dreamed of ——— High in the sunlit silence——Up, up the long, delirious burning blue I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace, Where never lark or even eagle flew—–Put out my hand and touched the face of god.”

The other is by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and I quote the first two lines  of  his poem “The Grandeur of God”.

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God,  It will flame out like shining from shook foil:…….”

Poets have their own language, but it matches mine, though I am not yet  so talented as to put it into words on paper as they have.   I have it in my heart,  as do so many of us, and we feel them there.  The poet’s  words resonate with the fibers of our being and take us back over  distant ancestral paths to our own inner truth.  Many years ago, sitting in a classroom where only a small patch of sun and earth could be visited behind cement and granite,  my inner truth was birthed with these words.  How  I wanted to  “slip the surly bonds of earth, …..    Put out my hand and touch the face of god”.  And, at that time,  I did not even know who or what  god was!!  But, I did know that the “earth is charged with ….grandeur…”. And if Gerard Manley  Hopkins said it was god’s glory , then who was I to argue!  Somewhere, in the earth’ creations  I just  knew I would find my  god!!

I was , at that time, struggling with the contradictions and eccentricities of the catholic faith in which I had been raised.  My newly released mind, was swelling and writhing with the things that had been presented to me as truth, yet somehow did not resonate with my inner being.  These poets did resonate with my inner being and they took me deep beyond the realms of the physical into the shadowy recesses of my inner truth.

I wish everyone to have such poets who can carry them deeper and deeper until they collide with themselves. I wish everyone to seek themselves out,  often hidden deeper than time can reach.  I wish them to move beyond the programs and memories of their personal past, as well as their ancestral past, and break free.  There is “sunlit silence”  and “burning blue”  and “a  hundred things …not  dreamed of”.  And there you can “put out (your)…hand and touch the face of (your) god”.  (Parentheses are mine.)

Your god is within you.  Dream and find him there!!

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