To be what I have never been…a man (woman) all alone walking with no road, no mirror.. paraphrase of  Anthony Mercado

To be a pathwalker seeking truth!!

Those quotes have always been  among my favorites.  They express my  innermost soul .  My life has been a path of searches, discoveries, adventures, ups , downs, successes, failures (in the eyes of the world), or just plain meanderings. I have not always known where I am going.  And I did not always understand where I ended up, but, the journey has been amazing.

In the deepest sense I am a Pathwalker and a facilitator for those who want to walk their own path, seek their own authentic self and speak their own truth.

My work includes both people and animals.  Animals who live with human beings often inherit by the circumstances of their lives, the problems of their human companions.  They are, perhaps, even more receptive to this shamanic work than people themselves.  Working with them in this way, and seeing the incredible results,  is perhaps one of my greatest pleasures.

I am a :

Grandmother of souls,  carrier of the spirit of the divine grandmother

Shamanic Practitioner


Medicine woman, and healer

Guide in the mystic realms of spirit


Facilitator of ceremony

I have a Bachelor degree in psychology and worked in that field for many years, until I discovered that real changes in peoples lives were often few and far between. And, even at best, such changes only came about through lengthy processes.

I have also studied under Native American Shamans and Elders for many years. About seven years ago, I began my studies at the Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies and  still study there. I am a firm believer in following up on natural gifts with teaching. Though I was born with the gifts, I have always followed up with seeking out reliable and trustworthy teachers to build on that foundation.

How do I accomplish my work???  Primarily and exclusively through the guidance of helping spirits, since my work is done in the world of spirit.  There are many techniques that can be used in the path of cooperation between myself and the spirits.

Some are:  and these are only some!  The Spirit is limitless!

Soul Retrieval, and this is perhaps the foundational work

Compassionate spirit release

Curse unraveling

Oracle card readings

Auric clearing

Dismemberment ceremony

Removing blocks

Chakra clearing with crystal bowls

There  are many more and they are used as the situation requires

Please contact me if you would like  a session.

You may reach me at my email:     goatmama1942@gmail.com

Or phone me at 503-556-0652

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