Thoughts of the moment

Seek the truth beyond tradition definition or image.

I am going to take a short break from sharing the tools of the shaman with you.  I have been going through a classic retrograde experience.  For me the retrograde shows up the things I need to let go of to progress.  So, in the long run it is a positive experience.  I will share some thoughts from the fire.  I  hope there are bits of wisdom tucked in their garments for you.

Living in the northwest we have rain 90% of the year.  I am realizing  that I live the biggest part of the year for three months of joyful sunshine , June, July and August.  The rest of the time I break out my umbrella and hope for a short view of the sun.  It occurred to me that many often live the days of the week surviving while waiting  for the weekend.  Five days lived in anticipation of two!!

When in the presence of difficult persons, remember the heart connection.  A beam of light stretching to the heart of the other. This makes it easier to love them.

When in  pain, feel the pain.  When disliking someone or something, feel the hatred. Let the feelings go deep.  So often we dip fully into the experience of joy but skip or run from the feeling of pain. Yet much healing is in the depths of the darkness.

When you fall into a pit of pain and hurt the true healer is the one who climbs down the steep ladder into the dark hole where you have fallen, reaches out a hand and shows you how to climb out with them.  The false healer is the one who leans over the deep hole and shouts down instructions about how you can  climb out.

There are different ways of working with spirit.  They vary according to the methods and need of the soul in their working with spirit.

Feeling deeply, screaming the pain, dancing the hurt is the best way to release. When I look closely at it , it seems to slide away more easily.  I feel my truth!!!!

People whose lives are buried in hurt  don’t lie about their lives, they just create a beautiful life in their imaginations.

I hope some of these resonate with your heart.  I have noticed that this is a very hard year for many:  sickness, financial loss, loss of dear family and friends, deaths of loved ones both people and pets, and much more.  I hope and trust that this is a way to create a new world by the release of the negativity of the old.

Love you all.  Thank you for checking in!




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