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So far in my blogs on the shamanic tools, I have covered the soul retrieval, and the de-possession.  There is also a simple technique called the dismemberment.

Never fear, we are not talking about dismemberment of the physical but rather dismemberment of the spiritual.  In fact it can better be explained by using the words themselves.  It is  a dismembering, or taking apart, of  the things that do not serve us and thereby making it much easier to remember and function as  who we are in the eyes of  spirit.   The other word for that is the “true self”.

The things that do not serve us are the old attachments we carry around with us that no longer serve our best interests.  Some of these come from early teachings we received as a child and still hang onto, even though they have long outdated our growth.  Some come from cultural values that do not serve our best interests. As long as we adopt something and it does not really belong to us, we are the better when it is gone from our lives.

As these things are removed, we slowly re-remember just who we are in the eyes of the Spirit.  We slowly come into the present.  We become freer to make choices based on the  most benevolent life we want to live.  We remember that we are a pure spirit living in a physical body, and we slowly recover our true self.

It is difficult to live in the present when we have a lot of old ideas clinging to us.  So, the cord cutting process is similar to this and the two can function very well together.   In cord cutting we actually, in the world of spirit, cut cords that have held us to outmoded ideas and patterns of life that we have allowed ourselves to be corded into.  With the cutting of cords and the dismemberment of the old that does not serve us, we have two powerful tools to move forward in our spirit life.

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