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I am excited to share this with you.  As a practitioner,  I do many different types of healing sessions  for  people.  But, as a practitioner, I need to keep working on myself too.  That means all the types of healing modalities I do for others, I need to have done on myself in order to keep up my own connection to the spirit world.

Recently, another student from the same school of Shamanic Studies I have attended gave me a soul retrieval.  It was so wonderful.  I  feel the clearing results of it and this new form of empowerment and connection  I am moving into.   As time goes by the session settles in and the power of it becomes deeper and stronger.  This is typical of all healing sessions.  That is why I do not recommend anyone having too many sessions too close together.

One year I decided to take advantage of the low cost and free soul retrievals the students from the most recent class were offering.  I ended up having six soul retrievals over a three month period.  They were all powerful and healing but they came too close together, and it was a year before all of the work done bore full fruit in my life.

But, to get back to my point.  This particular soul retrieval that I had done recently was done on a donation basis, rather than a full cost basis.  After the session was finished and I was absorbing all of the wonderful results, the spirit spoke to me and told me that I too needed to do sessions of all sorts and types  on a donation basis rather than a full cost basis.  Wow!!!  What a revelation!!

For a while now, I have been struggling with the concept that many people who need this work cannot afford it. Or, at least cannot afford full cost.  Yet, there is a need for some sort of energy exchange to maintain balance .  But, donation fills that requirement.  And donation can be whatever the person coming to me can afford.

So, I made the commitment right there to do just that.

I am offering all of my shamanic work to any and all  on a donation basis.  I am truly excited to be doing this.  I have seen such wonderful even life changing results and I dearly want everyone to experience this.

So, get in touch with me and we will work together to give you a more happy and fulfilling life.

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