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In today’s day and age we tend to think of possession as a past thing.  The concept of another spirit possessing us is seen almost as black magic and something that does not happen in today’s enlightened age.

Fortunately, it is far from anything that could be construed as black magic.  Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence, even in today’s society.  Gratefully, shamanic techniques can make a big difference and remove these  unwanted spirits.

It has been said that one can simply walk down the street and spirits can attach themselves to a person.  That is true.  I sage regularly to remove these spirits. Yet, there are other ways to remove them also.

But why would another spirit want to come and live in another person??  They can be looking for a body to live on in for a variety of reasons.   Confused spirits can ond often do possess a person simply because they are confused.  Sometimes, this is because their person has died and the method of death  was so sudden or tramautic the spirit is looking for another body to live on in.  Again, shamanic techniques can remove them.

Addictions can be caused by possesing spirits.  Illness, mental or physical, can be caused by possessing spirits. Not always, but often.  Removng them can mean major changes in the person possessed.  And there are other reasons. The only way to be safe is to remove the spirit.   Sometimes this is not easy, because the spirit possessing has a vested interest in remaining in the other  person.

But, I must warn you,  do not attempt to do this without extensive training.  The possessing spirit can simply move on to another pseron and sometimes that is the person doing the depossession.  I have stated before that shamanic work can be dangerous and this is one of those situations.  There are safe ways to do a depossession and this is one of the things that I do.I look forward to sharing more information about other shamanic techniques in future blogs.

If you are curious and wish to have this work done  contact me .  My email is  My CONTACT page has all the information you need to get in touch with me also.  I would be happy to schedule a session for you and we can share more in the session.

My WORKSHOP page has information on sessions I perform.   I love this work and love to share it with clients.


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