How You Can Lose parts of Your Soul

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What a strange thing to say!!!   Lose a part or even parts of my soul!!!  How on earth can I do that!!!  Well, actually, it is too easy and, unfortunately, it usually happens in a manner and at a time when we are not  very aware of the loss.  Even more unfortunately, and to add confusion to the situation, there are many definitions to describe just what  the soul is!!!  That is because there are  different approaches to the spiritual life and each  views the soul in a slightly different way.  For the purposes of  this blog I will be referring to the individual personality,  for this particular incarnation, as the soul.

So how can  you lose parts of your own personality.  Well, they can be surrendered under duress, eiter willingly or unwillingly.  They can also leave spontaneously when  pain  is just too great.  Parts can leave because of a trauma, physical or spiritual.

Where do they go when they leave???  Different places!!!  Usually , in the case of a traumatic or painful leave the parts hide and sometimes they can be hard for the practitioner to find.  Sometimes, I have even  had to go into dangerous places to find and recover lost soul parts.

Do they want to come back??  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.  I always have to ask  and the majority of the time the rcovered part wants to know if it is safe to come back.  They want reassurance that  they will be safe and well cared for upon their return. For this reason, the person must have grown spiritually to a point where they are ready to let go of the aftermath of the original issue that led  the soul parts to flee. So, in easier terms, soul parts will only return when the person is ready for them.  Just like we will only surrender pains that we are ready to release.  It is so easy to become comfortble with our problems and find the rut safer and  less frightening to negotiate than the yet  unknown vistas of health.

As a practitioner, I will not violate the integrity of the individual I am working with.  If they want to remain  where they are, I will leave them there.  When they are ready to move on they will, but I will never force anything.  My work is gentle but very effective.

One of my shamanic teachers always said that we should qualify our requests for spiritual growth with the word, “gently”.  Getting hit by a proverbial 2×4 from the spirit world is not a pleasant experience.  I know, I have been clouted that way, when I become too impatient  to move on.  It takes many incarnations to grow to enlightment and it is usually a slow process.  I prefer slow and gentle to the otherwise violent upheavals  that sometimes occur,  and believe me, I have had my share of those.  They are effective but unpleasant.

Our life in western civilization tends to be fast paced and not easy on the soul.  That is why we so often miss the loss of our soul.  It is important to keep tabs regularly.  For this reason I myself work with a practitioner who keeps me clear and up to date on my own spiritual growth.  I can ssure you, if you come to me for a soul retrieval, I will work with the spirits for a gentle and fulfilling experience of the recovery of your total soul self.

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