Working with Animals

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

This is the second in my new series about the tools a shamanic practitioner uses.  This one will share how I work with animals as well as people.  Another truth beyond  definition .

Animals have their own special kind of magic. Often, they are more receptive for this shamanic work than their human counterparts.  Those who live with us often, sadly, inherit our life issues.  Their hearts are so in tune with our needs that they often fall innocent victims to our moods, problems and unresolved conflicts. They too, need the work of the shamanic practitioner.

I have seen complete turn around after  soul retrievals  done  with pets. My own dog friend  has felt  a complete turn around from confused, nervous , upset , and sometimes angry , to the awesome gentle giant people see when he comes into their presence.  He is a gentle,  soothing , healing presence , whereas when he came to live with me,  he was lost in a tangled web of human confusion and innocent mistakes.  It took most of a year but, with love and care and lots and lots of this work, he is now a  completely different spirit and a joy to be with. His aura often attracts complete strangers as we walk together.  I am often amazed at the effect he has on people, especially little children.  This is a totally different dog than than the one who came to me years ago.

I have also imbued my home with the energy of the Universal Spirit through reiki, to preserve and continue the work begun in the session.

In visiting  rescues, I   often just walk through the rescue facilities and listen as the  beings  living there call to me asking for help and companionship.  “The noise in here hurts my ears”.  “Come and pet me”.  “Talk to me”.  “Take me home”.  And the most heart rendering, “Listen to me.  I have something to say”.

I invariably imbue  my hands with high level reiki, and fill the surroundings   with the love of the Universal Spirit, the same way I do in my own home.  However, in using reiki with animals, there is one major difference.  I never send  the energy directly onto the animal,    but rather  I  direct the energy around the  animal into their circumstances and energy  field. It is better to let them  decide to enter the field. Their response is amazing and gratifying.

Another aspect of animals I have touched on above, is their desire to communicate with us, their human pack leaders. Their voices are many, and their desire to communicate with us is one of the most fascinating situations I have ever entered.  Often, a dog or horse will stop in front of me and just look up and begin to talk.  I always stop whatever I am doing and listen.  To hear them express their love and their needs without hesitation often brings me to tears.  They know what they need, and they are so very receptive to the love that comes.

I am often amazed at how well they know what is lacking in their lives, and how clearly  they express their feelings.  Seeing the light of the worker, they gravitate toward the one who will fulfill their lives.  Spirit to spirit they call.  Though they do not use words as we do, they communicate even more  effectively through heart telepathy.  I often wish my human clients could be as clear as animals.

It was at an early age that I discovered the blessing of the gift of the ability to share  with my animal friends.  And to me, all animals are friends, tame or wild.  As I studied and grew in this work,  I have found one of my greatest joys in helping complete the circle of creation by sharing with the animals.

I want to add one last note before moving on.  As a shaman works in the dark with the spirit world, often these spirits are those of beings no longer living on this physical plane. I hope to go more into this in future blogs.  As I describe the various techniques, you will see how this incorporates into the work .  Please come with me on this journey into the fascinating world of spirits.


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