Shamanic Techniques

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I have been thinking for a while now about starting a series of blogs explaining some of the basic techniques used in a shamanic session.  Today will be the first in such a series.  I have already mentioned some of these in other blogs, but today I will be going into more detail.

I will also be using the terms, shaman, shamanic practitioner and practitoner interchangeably.

In explaining just what a shamanic practitioner is and does is not always so easy.   I prefer to use the simplest explanation.  The shamanic practitioner is one who moves with ease between the physical, observable world of time and gravity and  the world of spirit.  The spirits have  so much wisdom and knowledge  and they are so wanting to share this with humans in the physical world.  It is possible for all people to hear the spirits but very few know how to hear.

Hearing in the spirit world is a heart thing.  Perhaps you have heard of the words, “heart telepathy”.  This is another name used to describe communication in this spirit world.  It is in the world of spirit that the shaman does the work.

There are two different ways  to accomplish this work. Sometimes, the shaman must be a simple hollow bone through which the spirits move to and from this world of time and gravity and the world of spirit,  in their purpose of working with the client directly.  This is usually described as a merge.  The spirits merge with the practitioner to accomplish their work.

Sometimes, the spirit works directly with the practitioner and the practitioner interacts directly with the patron.  I have done both many times.

Movement through  these two very different worlds is called a journey. And the journey is the  most basic technique of the shaman.

I teach a journey workshop.  In this workshop I teach   how to move through the three worlds of the spirit;  the upper, the lower and the middle.   It is an interactive workshop and I emphasize  lots of practice.

In the next of this series I will begin to talk in more specific detail about how the shaman interacts in these three different world of spirits. I will talk about the soul retrieval, and the de-possession along with  other techniques.  I look forward to sharing with you .

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