Don’t dump your stuff

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image

Those of you who follow me know I look on life with a slightly different focus.  Life is not unilateral.  It is not the same for everyone.  It, in fact, differs from place to place and person to person.  Ideas we have been told are gospel really are not necessarily so for everyone.  And I am devoted to presenting the flexibility of the spirit in demonstrating itself in different ways to everyone.

So often, I have been told that we should separate ourselves from material things. Some accept  that material things and this whole physical world is a dream. I will not debate differences in beliefs because I believe all are valid. But, for me, if this world is a dream, it is a hard one. I live in a place of time, space and gravity and physical reality is physically hard. When I had my automobile accident the hit between the truck and my car was hard and very damaging to the car. I was fine but I  might not have been.  The collision  was a hard impact.  I live with the results of that impact, and the recurring cost of fixing or obtaining a car.

I live in a world that uses money as a item of barter. So, when I go to costco, or the grocery coop, i want money!!!  Lots of it!!!  Enough to buy good quality food and enough of it.  I want to buy good furniture  that will last!! I want solid clothing that will we sell when I am hard on it.  Sometimes these things cost a bit of money.  Money is a spirit.  Money is spiritual.  In fact money is very spiritual. I will elaborate a bit further.

I am going to deal with the idea of stuff now. Physical stuff!!  Why should I disconnect my self from it??   Why is the phrase simplify your life usually applied to physical phenomena primarily.  I believe I should hang on to my stuff. Why?  Lots of reasons!!  It brings me joy. Everything I have in my home and work place and environs is from a special person or situation and I am bonded with it. This makes me happy!!!

Another reason is that everytime I have a sale, I usually am sorry something left because  I eventually find a use for it. Why replace , even with a simpler thing, when what I have will do perfectly nicely.   And lastly, and perhaps, most important, everything has a spirit.  Spirits are my friends and companions and mentors. I want to keep them all near.  They ave chosen to e there for  reason.

Yes, I do want to cleanse myself from the  stuff in my live  that is holding me back from reaching my spiritual goals.  But the things that hold me back are primarily  emotional or mental not physical.   When I step into my home I am surrounded by all the spirits of my stuff. Everything  has a spirit and I can talk to everything and it can answer. These are live  real beings and I   want them all there . I come home from wherever and I am surrounded by the love of these spirits. I go to work and the books I work with call to me at home. They reach out and surround me with their love and warmth before  I even get to work. They protect me  and they love me and they mentor and guide me. Why would I ever want to get rid of them.  They make me happy!!!  And happiness is a powerful spiritual goal.

No, stuff is not non spiritual. Money is not non spiritual. All are spirits and they can all help me develop and fulfill the reason I chose for being here at this time and in this personality.

For the future!! For a while now, I have been wanting to blog  a series on  shamanic  healing techniques and why they are so valuable in our lives.  I will finally begin this series in my next blog.

Till then, please enjoy your stuff.  Today is a day of thanksgiving.  Tell everything in your home and place of business a big  “Thank you!!!”  They are all in your space for a reason.  They chose to be there to show you their love and to help you be the person you want to be.  They chose to answer your request.  Thank your stuff for loving you!!! I am thanking mine right now!!!!!

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