Can Fish Talk To Us?????


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  Can fish talk to us?????   Do they even want to???  Then again, do I want to talk with them?? For a long time I spoke only to four legged mammals.  I have long conversation with my dog.  I automatically speak to all mammals, bugs, slugs, etc..  It is a natural part of my life.

I did not even think of having a conversation with a fish.  After all what is our common ground??  I live in an air environment.  They live in the water.  What would we have to talk about.???

Well recently in celebration of my birthday, my family took me to an aquarium.  Full of , what ??  Fish !!!!  So I had a marvelous time walking around and looking at all the beautiful , loving creatures there and never thought of speaking to them.  I held my hands and eyes so I was giving them reiki.  I thought of that.

There was a sea lion performance towards the end of our visit, where he did the most amazing things.  Jumping through hoops!!  Catching rings on his neck!!  Racing around the tank with a ball on his nose!!!  All sorts of things I doubt he did in the wild.   He was so beautiful I started to cry .  The beauty was overwhelming!!

This beautiful sea lion seemed to actually be enjoying doing these tricks.  So, without realizing what I was doing I asked the sea lion if he was enjoying this.  He immediately replied, “Yes!”.  Then I realized what I had done.  I had had a brief interchange with a water living animal.  Perhaps not a fish per se, but truly a water living animal.

So, when the performance was over, I went to some of the smaller tanks holding  what I consider full fledged fish and tried speaking to them.  I started with “Hello, you beautiful one!!”.   Some came over and some did not.  So I asked, “Can we talk?”.  they immediately replied in the affirmative.  But, my ability to do this seemed limited, so I asked them why. They replied that since  I did not live in the water ,  it would be a bit more difficult  for me to  understand some of the things they felt and experienced  from their water environment.

That made sense.  so, I started to remember what I had felt when I used to swim a lot.  That helped.  As I went from tank to tank, my ability to listen to them grew!  Slowly but surely they were teaching me how to speak with them.

The phrase, “we are all one”, makes a lot more sense to me now.

It was awesome!!! I loved it!!!  Now, I know that all creatures love to communicate.  Whether it is with us as humans or others of their own species.  I fully intend to take advantage of this more in the future.  Try it.  You will enrich your life and the lives of those beings you decide to talk with.


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