Can Bugs Talk to Us???

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Can bugs talk to us??   Or, would they even want to speak to a human being??  Then if they did wish to have a conversation with us, the next question is why on earth would they????

I cannot answer all of the questions.  I leave it to you dear reader to journey to the bug world and ask them for the answers.  But, I can answer the first question.  Can bugs talk to us???  I answer with a resounding “YES!!”.

Before I go further  I will start way back a few years ago, and describe the first time for me.  I have yellow jackets living on my land.  Rarely do we meet, because they live out in the field behind the barn.  But for some reason, this particular year they started coming closer to the garage and the front of the barn.

I keep huge water barrels there to catch the rain water for watering the plants and for watering the animals.  The yellow jackets were flying around the water barrels and I was trying to work in the same area.  So, I picked up the two yellow jackets on a board and dumped them into the water barrel.  I wanted to kill them so they would not bite me.  This was truly an unprecedented act of violence on my part.  They had never bitten me before.  I had no real reason to think they would bite me.  But, racial unconscious paranoia jumped in and all I thought  was, yellow jackets bite.

They floated on the water  for a while, then I noticed they were swimming toward each other.  When they reached each other,  they wrapped their legs around each other and held each other up from drowning.  I was stunned.  I stopped what I was doing and just stared!!!  They knew what they were doing.  They were saving each other.

I could not watch this display of consciousness and intelligence in a bug that I had dismissed so easily as dangerous and incapable of any form of conscious act.  They had swum toward each other with conscious intent.

Immediately, I  grabbed the board and lifted the two jackets out of the water and put them down on the dry ground.  They shook themselves , recovered and flew away.  I deeply apologized to them for being so uppity and cruel.  That was the beginning.

Several times later in other circumstances in other places I have come  across yellow  jackets flying about me. I always explain to them that I am the one who saved their relatives.  And they respond by flying away.  Or by simply keeping a respectful distance and watching.

Yes, bugs can talk.  And all of creation seeks relationship with us.   Make friends with a new form of life today.  Be respectful.  Ask permission to speak with them.  And if they indicate it is OK then say hello and ask them about themselves.  Go from there as you would any friend.



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