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This is the last part of my series on healing, or better said, the joy of healing.

This last part will answer the question of how healing can be a joy.  I want to first distinguish between a deep abiding joy and a passing  happiness. I can be very unhappy when I find the healing process painful. But,  that does not affect my deep abiding joy at the fact that I am healing and coming closer to the divine.

Sometimes the healer can offer a peaceful , easy process that actually in the long run promotes the problem.  Healing does demand we move out of our comfort zones

There are easily a million ways to describe healing.  Some might refer to it as another form of enlightenment, where we become one with our eternal soul and hence fully healthy.  But enlightenment is not a settled state it is a process or a journey. A journey implies movement and not a static position.

Others consider a state of homeostasis where the disease is basically held in check by medication or treatment modalities.  Then again this is  usually a symptom treatment program and not a deep healing at its source.

And, some consider death to be the ultimate healing.

While some consider their healing as a natural consequence of a spiritual path whereby they are re rooted in their soul or source or divine self;  healing is usually  a combination of traditional, and alternative modalities. The modality may require some painful moments or processes, yet,  as I said above, the deep abiding joy that we are actually getting healthier never is touched unless we as individuals choose to ignore it.

Healing involves moving with the natural tendency of our being. Healing is a natural flow of our being, or even our existence.  Yet we must make the choice to flow with it, or fight against it.   We make the choice on which  to focus. Do we focus on the fact that we have moved out of our comfort zone?  Or do we focus on the fact that while uncomfortable we are getting better.  We are getting closer to the divine within ourselves. I prefer to focus on the long range and make a decision to move out of my comfort zone and enter the heady space of the eternal.

It comes down to the decision we make.  and we can focus on the joy of coming closer to our true self.  I choose to do that.  come with me!!!


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