Healing #2

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This is the second  in a series on healing that I am doing.  Primarily, I am focusing on the joy of healing. While I do recognize that healing can involve some really painful processes, keeping our eyes on the goal of restored closeness to the Divine, makes the journey so worth while.  Remembering this, makes the journey a joyful one.

Ultimately, I believe that if I live according to my spiritual guides, the purpose of everything is to lead me to a higher level of spiritual evolution.   And if I wish , I believe I can structure my life on this belief.

I will continue where I left off in the first blog on this subject.  Since, healing and return to ease and balance are the natural states of the soul, then I believe there can be an easy flow to it.  Flow implies movement without hindrance.  Without hindrance indicates the possibility of freedom and with freedom,  heartfelt joy.  To know we are getting closer and closer to our goal, like being in birth labor, is exciting and portends great joy.  In this case, we are birthing ourselves.  Our enlightened selves!!

It is one thing to say something and another thing to experience it. What is this joyful healing process??  In general terms, it implies a relaxed state. In other words, it means we stop fighting against the problem and start loving it.  For so many of us, healing is a war.  We war against the issue that needs to be healed.   A war between health and spiritual disease. A war zone is never a pleasant place.  But, even more important, fighting implies resistance.  And resisting anything is a guaranteed way to enlarge it. To create more of it!!

Even when we are focused on the positive aspects of the healing, if we are fighting against the issue to get those positive effects, the universe sees the “against” and we can easily defeat our purpose. Hence, no joy, no flow, no ease! Only gritted teeth and raw determination!!!  these are far from love and do not heal!

Almost inadvertently we find ourselves focused on what we are are against.  Focusing on this puts energy into it. So we find ourselves putting energy into into the very thing we are trying to get rid of. But, putting energy into something only gives it food to grow, and become more powerful.  We we find ourselves empowering the very thing we want to weaken.

So we love it! We thank it. And love and gratitude are always followed with sending it on its way never to be thought of again.

But, how on earth can I love my jealousy or my over competitiveness, or my lousy childhood, or my rotten siblings or parents or children etc.  etc.   We can love them only when we see these things through our spiritual eyes.  Only when we see these things as passing reminders of something that needs to be healed in our lives before we can move on in our spiritual evolution.  So we thank the issue, bless it and send it on its way to be healed  itself.

Then we put energy into what we are “for”.  Healing!!!   We dream on the wonders of being healed.  We imagine what it would feel like.  We practice being healed.  We move forward and our soul leads the way!  We stop looking back and look forward!

Next blog will be #3 and the closing blog on this issue. Be sure to catch it!!



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