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Before I begin the main subject of this blog, I want to apologize for the multiple repetitions of the same blog over the past two times.  I do not know what Mail Chimp is up to, but I do know how annoying it can be when something like this happens.  They did make some changes in their program and it has been a bit confusing.  So it may be my error.  However, they also state that they will not send out repetitive  copies of the same material.   I am trying to work this out with their tech support now.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.  Thank you for sticking this out.

Now, to the main event!!

Every once in a while, there comes a signature moment in life. A moment that becomes the dominant force in life.  Everything before that, looks forward to it and everything after, looks back on it.

The impact of it colors all the decisions that made at the time.  And, the results of it  reverberate down through time to the detriment or blessing of decisions made in  future time.

For some, there are moments in  childhood that carry the weight of such an impact.  For others,   the day of their marriage, or the death of  someone special, perhaps the death of a loved pet and companion; carry such weight.  No matter what it is, we are never far from the effects of the event even if it is buried in our subconscious.  Often, the things that most effect our present lives are memories  long forgotten to the  conscious mind.  Yet, they still rule us from the subconscious.

A lot has been written by Jung on this.  I do not attempt to paraphrase or add to  his words.  I simply want  want to share here such a signature moment in my life.

I have written several blogs about anger.  Today I will write about Love!  I capitalize the word, because the event I will describe immersed me so deeply in the reality of Love that it became a separate spirit  with a name.   I capitalize the name, Love.

I have known the warm safety of the embrace of Love.  I have known  total immersion in the  depths of Love.   Both of these in one event.  My first Native American Ceremony!!!  The first time coming home from ceremony, I cried and cried, unaware of the reason for my tears.  I only knew that I had been full and now I was emptying. I later saw it as a withdrawal from the incredible spiritual high of the event.  So many of the native ceremonies require  fasting and prayer. In this case,  four days of fasting had completely lifted   me out of the world of the physical and plunked me down   into the closest connection I had yet had with The Great Spirit.  The Great Mystery!!

I had been swimming in the ocean of Love.  The essence of Love!  The essence of Being itself!   I saw that it was also the essence of me!  I was palpably aware of my connection to Creative Love itself!!  I realized that within me was a spark of total Beingness.  At my core was a spark of Love!! And that was the energy that made it possible for me to walk and talk and breathe.  I saw that creation was the action  of Love.

I wish I could say I have lived up to the high calling of that realization ever since, but I cannot.  But, I can say I have moved a bit closer to it.  I have  as I quoted in a poem from a previous blog,  I “touched the face of God”. 

Some day in the future I am going to blog   on the subject of  our life purpose.  But, for today I am only going to say that the purpose of my existence solidified, for me, at that moment.  If , I as one human being live  and breathe by the spark of Love, then all that live and  and breathe, do so by the same spark within them.  And with that I realized the connection of all of creation.

That meant that everything I did impacted all of creation. Ripples of actions and words and perhaps even ideas would travel the delicate yet firm cords of connection from me to others. That included the two legged, the four legged, the standing tall nation, the rock nation, and all the creations we tend to mistakenly think of as inert and lifeless.  When  I healed,  they healed.  If I destroyed a facet of my being, they suffered similarly for it.

I began to see radical  responsibility in a whole different light.  Such a realization simultaneously weighed me down and yet,  lightened and relieved me at the same time.  If when I healed, creation healed,  then when I loved, creation loved.  We are all hugging   in a beautiful dance.  Through all the ups and downs of this earthy existence we are never alone.  We are dancing .  And, we can make it a dance of beauty!



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