Healing Part One

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Boy, have I missed you folks!!!!!  It has been hard, this blogging vacation. But, I finally discovered why we were getting multiple versions of the same blog.  And, I discovered how to finally eliminate it!!! So we are back in business.

I want to start a series on healing.  The reason for this was inspired by some folks I know who were going through healing crisis after healing crisis and were down in the dumps because of it.  They are tired, unhappy, worn out and wanting to just lie down and rest !!!

It occurred to me that in the times I have been physically ill, I was far from down in the dumps when I realized a turning point and the healing  began!! In fact, I was so elated that I tended, at times, to overdo it!!  So why are people who were healing spiritually so worn out and wanting to hide  and just rest!!!

There can be a lot of reasons for this, and all are well intentioned.  One, could be that they are pushing themselves too hard!!! That will exhaust anyone, as I well know.  Then, there is the possibility that they are giving themselves away, thinking that was the way to greater spiritual truth!  I want to again say that I have been there.  I learned the hard way, that if I do not take care of myself, I will not have anything to give to others.

What I offer in this series is my view of healing and how it can be a joyous ride!!!

I see and hear a lot lately about healing, personal healing, growing spiritually, connecting with our life force, our true self.  Much is said about the work, the struggles and the hard , painful process of the digging deep.  Little is said, about taking care of yourself.  Being gentle with your self! And not demanding too much at one time.!! And above all, I see little or nothing about the joy that the  healing process brings.

Personally, I am tired of all that unappealing stuff.  Few want to incur healing if it means just more pain on an eternal basis!!  Since, to me, healing means connecting with the divine within ourselves, what could be happier!! What could bring more joy, energy and sheer contentment than that.  Arriving sick at our altar of our healing and leaving well is a time for celebration. Healing is the natural process of the human experience and one of the reasons we are here on this physical plane in the first place.   No matter what facet of the human experience ,   be it the body, the psyche, or  the emotions , getting healthy and staying healthy is a natural thing.  Sickness, or dis-ease, as it is referred to, is not natural. It is just that, dis-ease!!!!  So, returning to a state of ease, should be a joyous process!

I am not saying that the healing sometimes incurs some painful events or things to do, because just as in the physical body, something like physical therapy can be unsettling, so there can be things in the spiritual healing process that are very uncomfortable on a short time basis.  But, underneath it all is the sheer joy of knowing you are getting better. And the painful  treatment is only very short.  And we can live in that joy!!

From the moment the personality begins to sense a lack of ease, or a disease, the soul starts sending out healing energies.  It is not the natural state of our being to be ill at ease, (and the pun is definitely intended), with any facet of  ourselves.  When healing, we are in the natural flow of life.  “In the flow”, well now there is another well used phrase.  Some day I will blog on well worn, commonly accepted phrases and offer an alternative way of looking at them  that I feel is a truer view of the meaning. Seeking truth,in my motto, outside of commonly accepted designs or images demands I question most everything that is poured into me and others  as “truth”.  And perhaps “truth” will be my first word.

For now, back to healing!

All of nature seeks balance.  Disease is just another way of saying  something is out of balance.  Unfortunately so often, the messages go to the unconscious mind and are missed by the conscious mind.  This often  happens with children, who are powerless in so many ways, so messages are just buried till the child comes to an age where they have some control over their lives, and can respond to the message.  Again unfortunately, often by the time they are of that age, they have so lost and buried the message they have no idea it is even there let alone how to retrieve it.

That is enough for today.  I will continue the theme in my next blog.  In the meantime,I would appreciate any thoughts on this idea from you happy readers


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