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Actually,  Part 1 was entitled All Hell Broke Loose.  But the subject matter of that blog as of this blog was the process of Awakening!!  And the process I am currently engaged in to facilitate and speed awakening is the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono.  

Whereas, the first time I blogged, the process of awakening was very painful,  this time it was just the opposite.  I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt so light I wondered why I was not able to levitate and fly over the floor, without touching it.

I was at work , and the usual mix of folks was coming in.  As a library clerk, I am the first they meet and the first they bring their problems or library issues to.  It is a fun job, and I have made many friends of the patrons.  I do look forward to each and everyone of my new and special friends. For, while I am checking their books out or in  we can catch up with each other .

The difficult part can be more with the folks with whom I share the desk.  I have made friends there too, but when you are working in close proximity with folks, no matter how much you like each other,  you can sometimes inadvertently trip over each other.

I believe that if I am confronted with a problematic situation,  by the law of attraction, I have drawn it in.  I believe that there is some aspect of the problem that also exists in me, since I believe people are mirror images of each other. Like attracts like.  The purpose of this orchestration by the universe being to make me aware of what is in me.

So, my first reaction to a  personality clash is to look inside myself and to  sink into the feeling it gives me.  In this case, it made me feel small.  Now, I know I am not small.  I am a spark of the divine and that is no small thing.  But, I felt small.  So,I ask myself , what  happened in my past to condition me to small feelings whenever this particular type of personality clash happens.

Knowing that I am not small, I got angry at myself for having these feelings. Not terribly productive you might say and you would be right.  I agree.  It is not terribly productive.  But it is real.  So there is in my  unconscious  memory something that I am reacting off  of,  instead of reacting off of the reality of the present situation.

I hope this is not too confusing.

The premise of ho’oponopono is that we can erase these past programs and memories buried in our subconscious, by reciting the ho’oponopono prayer.  When erased, these memories cease to  affect us in the present.  In other words, we are free to act on personal choice instead of on preconditioning.  It is the essence of freedom!!

I love that part, and it does work.

So, I started to recite  the prayer in my mind.  “I love you.  I am sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you.”

Briefly, this translates into this.   The “I love you.”,  is addressed to the self, to the divine in the self.  Love is the great healer. The  second phrase, “I am sorry.”,  refers to expressing sorrow for allowing past negative memories to influence this present moment. It does not imply any guilt because the memory is unconscious and  the reaction to the situation is so impulsive its motives are also unconscious.  The third phrase, “Please forgive me.”, is addressed to the divine within us and is self explanatory.  The last phrase   is, “Thank you.”   Thank you for healing me and erasing the past memory.

Recited often enough and long enough it is very effective.  Programs planted deep in our memories are erased and no longer affect us. It is not a fast process.  It can take time and much patient repetition of the words. But, it does work.

In this case I was wanting to erase the programmed response of feeling small when confronted by someone whose personality clashed with mine.

No tears!  Not crying!  Just the feeling of a huge log rolling off of my back.  I could almost see it roll off. I remember walking across the floor to shelve some books and feeling like I was actually flying.  It felt sooo very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My energy was high. I fairly floated around the entire floor shelving, talking to patrons, visiting with my co workers, and loving every minute of it.  It gets better.  Later that evening, I tried to remember just what had happened and what was the unconscious memory I had reacted off of.  I could not remember it at all. I still cannot. It is gone!!

Awakening does not have to be painful to be effective. It can come with great joy!!


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