Is there power in visualization???

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I have been studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks for quite a few years now, and I still have some unanswered questions. They have a plethora of wonderful videos on you tube and I know I must have listened to them over and over and even over again.  Yet, I still have questions about why some of the things I have applied their teachings to have either not yet materialized or did materialize and then faded.

So, I started looking at the movie “The Secret”, and reading other books by Rhonda Byrne.  I especially liked “The Power”.  I did feel I was getting closer to the unanswered questions, but still…

There are all sorts of teachings out there about how to manifest.  Tapping for instance, is effective for some. Visualization is effective for others.  Pronouncing words seems to work for others. I was still left empty.

I have found myself asking if this was really all for me or was part of  what my work did for the universe as a collective.  Something Abraham said clicked with me.  They state that,  in fulfilling our manifestations we are expanding the universe.  So I got to thinking. Maybe   this is a two sided thing. Part of it is for me and part of it may just be for the universe.

Today, while walking with my dog friend, I was reciting affirmations about wealth.  Then I started to visualize one of the things I would really like to do if I had enough money.  That is, to put twenty or even fifty dollar bills under the pillows of the homeless folks I saw sleeping on the grass around me.  Wow!!  Wouldn’t it be great to have so little and wake up to find a fifty dollar bill under your pillow!!!  Or, even to find a twenty dollar bill under your pillow!!!  I could easily imagine the run on the nearby Burger place for breakfast.

I started to envision concentric circles going out from me to the world in the hope that someone somewhere would pick up on this and do it.  And then I got to thinking that everyone should have a home and enough money to take good care of their family .  And I started to hope that maybe this energy I was putting out would bring prosperity to other people  somewhere.

I might as well admit that when I dream, I dream big.  I could feel the energy of prosperity going out  to  all . There are so many who need it.  At first i thought only of the United States where I live.   Later I thought of the world. Maybe we could generate world peace!! As I said, I dream big!

Later in the day, after I got home, I flipped on facebook.  I am part of two virtual women’s groups and I wanted to catch up.  As I flipped through my own page I found a movie someone had posted about a man who was slipping money under the pillow of a homeless man.  Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did I see that correctly???  I flipped back.  Yes,  that was what he was doing.

Now, I am not going to say he was doing it because he had picked up on my energy that morning, because I believe the post had gone out long before my walk .  But,  I do not believe in coincidence, but rather in synchronicity.   I know in my heart that the  universe was telling me that what I had hoped for that morning could be.

I got to thinking about what Ghandi had said, “Be the change you want so see in the world.” So, what would happen if lots of people, no tons of people did this same thing. If all these people started to put out positive energy around some issue they wanted to manifest in their own lives.  Then they projected that desire  out to the universe in the form of visualization or affirmations or whatever they chose.  Truly, I believe we could move mountains.


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