Retrograde positive??? negative?? or both

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We are hearing a lot about the planets being in retrograde lately because Mercury went into retrograde for 140 days and it will be a while before it resumes  its normal patterns.   Venus went into retrograde at the same time but is coming out of it now.  However we still have a bit to go before the planets resume their normal patterns of movement.

Retrograde sounds like a big fancy and sometimes scary word.  In its simplest form it means that the movement of the planet has changed  and it actually appears to be moving backward though it isn’t.  According to google, normally our planets move in a west to east direction. However four times a year mercury appears  to move in reverse.  This is an optical illusion having more to do with the speed of the planetary orbit than anything.  You can google this as right now there is a lot out there.

My knowledge of astronomy is limited since  I am more interested in the effects of the planetary motion on people on this earth planet.  Right now, folks seem to be more irritable, grumpy  and just generally out of sorts. More so, since for a while there Venus was also in retrograde at the same time.  So, we had at least  two planets affecting us at once. And, there are always others moving in and out of retrograde at various times.

This  also seems to be a time when machines seem to blink in and out of kilter .  Computers, though some would argue  they seem out to get us all the time, seem more so at this time. Little glitches!  If your lawn mower wants to blink off it seems to do so at the times of a retrograde. Bear in mind I use the phrase “it seems.”

Today I was taking a walk in a tree park with my dog.

It occurred to me that my dog did not seem to be affected as people are. There are all sorts of articles that put a negative spin on these planetary patterns but nothing I saw so far indicates that my dog or my trees or my garden flowers and plants are affected by all of this hullabaloo.  So, I asked the nature spirits if they were affected by all of this. The reply was that other than their growth perhaps slowing a bit there were no  changes.  The redwood tree did not grump at me as we passed.  The tulips did not fold their buds in anger as I walked by them.  The grass sure is growing as my latest foray with the mower proved and rain is falling in copious amounts here.  And my dog seemed his usual happy self all the time.

Life is a balance.  And nature is in balance all the time.

So, what is all this negative spin about on the retrograde.  Maybe it has more to do with the choices we make  as humans.  Sometimes, what we attribute to the spiritual has more to do with the physical, and what we attribute to the physical has more to do with the spiritual.  Let me give you an example:   say, someone is physically  feeling just generally out of sorts at the time of the retrograde. They can choose to be frustrated by this because they find it is harder to do things.  Or, they can choose to slow down and enjoy the ride. It is a choice and that is spiritual. The feeling  may be physical but the choice of how to react to it is spiritual. So it is a combination of both to maintain a balance .

I , personally see the retrograde as a time to be positive.  I never appreciated my lawnmower so much as when it broke down. I found someone to fix it for a modicum of  cost and now I treat it better. So, for me this was a positive all around. Lets face it, lawn mowers break down at any and all times of the year so such an event now is not that unusual.  It is too easy to attribute that grumpy mood to a retrograde when you might be feeling grumpy anyway even if there were not  a retrograde at that time.  It is important that we sift and analyse to know what is really due to the retrograde and what is not.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not minimizing the effect of the planets on us. It is real and it is huge.  Look at the difference in moods folks have on a sunny day versus a grim, grey day.  Look at how the moon affects the tides of the oceans. And the oceans are  pretty big things on our plants. Look at how the moon affects a woman’s cycle. And that is huge!  Yes, the planets do have an enormous effect on us!

All I am saying is , put a positive spin on it.  Remember to slow up . This is a good time to take better care of yourself. Pamper yourself a bit. Sleep a bit longer if possible on days when there is no work to go to.  Do whatever you can in the flow of your life to accommodate to the retrograde. And then appreciate how the contrast makes you even more grateful for the smooth flowing  times, if that is the case. Just generally appreciate the retrograde for what it is, a  slowing of the plants that induces a slowing in your life.   A time to be flexible and laugh more. Smile more!! And enjoy the beautiful variety of change the world offers us.

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