I will be happy when I _______________ true or false or both??? Trite sayings!!!

Seek truth beyond tradition, definition or image

I will be happy when, I make a six figure income a year!  I will be happy when I have a Toyota Prius!  I will be happy when I have two mongo size  refrigerators full of all kinds of goodies!  Will I really be happy?? Actually I don’t know because I never earned six figures a year, or even drove a Prius let alone owned one, and as for the two refrigerators of goodies, I might gain mongo size so maybe I had let that one alone.  It is possible these things could make me happy. Or unhappy!

Then again, there is,  I will be happy when I can pay my rent.  I will be happy when I can buy food enough to feed my family.   I will be happy when I am no longer homeless. I will be happy when I can afford heat through the winter. Though I have not had to endure these circumstances either, I do feel that the person who lives them would definitely be happy if even one of these were to come to pass.  I know I would be.

So maybe the answer to the question above  is both yes, and no!

I have heard that if you are planning to be happy at some future date when something happens, forget it, learn to be happy now.  I get so tired of trite sayings usually manufactured by someone who has never lived through really difficult times when they did not have enough to survive with dignity.  I have noticed that many of the manifestation cruises are just that cruises.  Yet someone  wants to manifest a racy car, or amounts of  money that would make Scrooge McDuck look like a piker! For those of us who remember that cartoon.

I do get annoyed with that approach though . If someone has   enough money to afford the cruise, for pity sake let them take their own advice,  be happy now and give the money to those who cannot afford the basics of life. There certainly are enough folks around who really need to manifest money, or a roof over their heads, or clothing.

But then, trite sayings of all kinds tend to offend me. Remember I am seeking truth beyond tradition, definition or  image. That means I am  jumping out of the boxes of commonly held beliefs. I are looking into the deepest core of my intuitive divine self for my own truth.  I am looking for what resonates with my heart and my being. Why am I here on this earth to begin with?   Let’s face it earth life is not an easy thing. There is a lot of struggle here. I do not  believe it is purposeless. I do not  believe that Creator was playing a nasty joke when we were conceived here.  The universe loves me.  The universal spirit loves me!  This world was built on and with love and love is purposeful!!

I believe that I am partaking in a growing process.  Growing towards my true self, that spark of spirit that makes it possible for me to move and breathe and grow.  I am growing towards who I really am in the eyes of spirit. And the choices of how I react to what is happening here only speeds up that process.

I am here to clear out the clutter, push back the envelope and burst free of the earthen cocoon releasing my wings to soar with the eagles!  And that demands that I do not settle for the trite answers of others, but I seek my own truths and declare them and live by them. Thereby declaring and living my authentic self!!

I do facilitate many processes by which we can all do this. And as time goes by, I will talk more about the old shamanic ways that have served earthly beings for centuries.

For now, I pull out the weeds of trite sayings and leave them to compost for the new soil that will grow my truth!

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