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Curled in the warm womb of winter;  past the crazy , upside down world of February eclipses, we move on.  Pressing toward the time of planting  seeds of  new dreams in the garden of our lives.

I am reminded that you cannot pour water out of an empty jug.  Is my jug of winter empty??  Have I husbanded the contents so well that there is still a bit left??

I am empty.  I am struggling to hold on to what is in there till I can harvest new life with which to fill it.  When full, then  I have enough for myself and even more to  pour  for others. But, if my jug is empty there is nothing for either me or others. But, I am empty!

I did not even know how empty till I was called on to pour out some for someone who came to me to drink.

Circumstances were hard. I was tired. Life seem  to conspire against me and at the worst possible time. What do I do??? How do I rise above this?? I cast the cards and they gave me the whale breaching to show me I was to rise above all this.  But how???

I have found for myself that sometimes the way to rise above is first to go deeper.  There in the depths I gather strength and momentum to force upward and leap into the air above. The deeper I go, the higher I leap.

I went into a journey to my spirit friends and they showed me something. It is not always what  spirit brings to me,  but why they bring it to me that matters.  Sometimes, the what is only incidental to the why??

Sometimes, the why is much more important than the what!!  Sometimes, the why is really the message.

There were two messages for me here.  I was to take a good look at my reaction to  what was happening.  I saw that  my reaction to the what  only showed  that there were deep roots  that still needed healing.  I had thought I would never react that way again for it only hurt me.  But , here I was doing it all over again, albeit to a lesser degree.  Ah!!!  There were roots of the problem I still needed to dig out.

Secondly, I was reacting to a much lesser degree than I had in the past. So, I was stronger, more empowered.

Putting the two together, I went back into a journey to learn that spirit was taking me on a road trip right now. High on the safe back of my totem animal I was to ride out a dark time, but with the purpose of growth and a brighter light at the end.

Tomorrow I celebrate Ostara, or the spring equinox.  The light of and the  the dark of night are in equal amounts.  There  is perfect balance. I cling to this balance in celebration and with hope  knowing that I too move toward this balance in my life.  And for me too, as the earth’s light spends  into longer and longer hours in each 24 hour spread, I too move with it to greater and greater light.




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