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It has occurred to me that while many are reading my blog , and enjoying it, I have still not explained the purpose of the blog or even of the site.   I do need to complete my “About”, page so you know who I am and what my work is. But, I think it will be helpful also, to take the time  with  this blog and even several others to explain who I am and just what is the work I do.

Simply put, or complicated-ly (if there is such a word), put, I am a Shamanic Practitioner.   For those familiar with indigenous cultures, such as the Australian Aborigines, or the Native American cultures, as well as many others I do not have either space or time  to list here, they will be more familiar with the term shaman. In these cultures, the shaman was the heart and soul of the village. Sometimes he or she was referred to as  the medicine people. And they were always called in times of need. They were the healers of the body and soul of the collective,  as well as the individual bodies and souls of the individuals.

In todays, more scientific approach to medicine, there have been those who still affirm that much of what we term physical dis-ease has causal roots in the spiritual. Now “spiritual” is a word that is argued and debated by most everyone. Different people have different ideas about what it means.

Let me try to define it here as I use it.  Let’s start with  two worlds,  the physical and the spiritual.  The physical is easily observed with our five senses. We can touch it, smell it, talk to some of it, and feel it, and even taste the parts of it we like to taste. However, we cannot do this with the spiritual world. The spiritual is not easily accessible with the five senses.

The spiritual is better known by the results it creates in the physical world.

The shaman is the one who has easy access to the spiritual world. A shaman has been defined as someone who goes into the world of the spirit to effect change in the physical world.  To bring healing!!!  I feel that this is a good general definition. There are many techniques available to the shaman in doing the work. And he or she  also has many spirit guides to facilitate the work  in this world of spirit. We are healers.

I will begin to talk about these guides and the many techniques used to effect healing in my next blog and several after that. So stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Rosemary this is Teresa and I thank you for this blog. I finally am able to access the internet easily since I’ve been blessed with a fancy phone! Looking forward to growing and learning from future teachings. I am also interested in going to the fire with you , remember I drew the fire card when I was at your house. Thank you so much! Teresa

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