The Gift

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I took part in Heather Dakota’s Releasing Ceremony at the end of last year. she is a wonderful, soulfull (misspelling deliberate), guide through the many aspects of building a soulful,  business. It is Wise Woman Alchemy.

After that ceremony I was impressed with, “Now that I have released, what do I fill with??”.  At the annual fire walk for LightSong Shamanic School, I received many wonderful gifts  from spirit.  So, it would seem obvious that I would fill the space left by what I had released, with these gifts.

But…..and here is the big “But”, I was not sure I wanted the responsibility of those  gifts. After all, it had been so easy and comfortable to just ride along as I had done for years.  I was still alive!!  I was still paying my bills!! I was still pursuing my spiritual path!! But the little voice began to niggle at the back of my brain  .” Sure you are surviving but are you thriving!!   You have been asking me for these gifts for quite a while now and now that  I offer them,  you stop , hesitate and question.    And all because, they put you in a whole new zone of responsibility!!”

I was being offered the opportunity to thrive!!  The opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to receive!!!  Ahhh!! That little , nasty word, “receive”.   For years I had wanted a miracle. Poof!!!  There you are, with all the thriving you want, automatically!!  I had wanted it dropped into my lap without any effort on my part. Without my assuming any responsibility for taking up the gift and working with it!!!

Well, the fire spirits had nailed me right on the noggin!!!  I did not want the responsibility of the gift!  I wanted it done for me!!!  POOF!!!

Needless to say, my attitude on all of this has seen a radical change. A sort of spinning around the medicine wheel in rapid karmic time; the flick of an eyelash; only now to be facing north!!  Responsibility time!!

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4 Responses to The Gift

  1. Cat says:

    so beautifully written Rosemary
    such truth
    it does take responsibility to receive the Gifts of The Spirit
    you are so wise to see it and act upon it
    blessings to you on your journey sister
    you are on your way!!!

    love and light

    coming over from the Wise Woman Society

  2. Ollie says:

    You have shed a ray of sunishne into the forum. Thanks!

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