Vision Quest???!!! Really!!!???

IMG_4212Seek truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

I just finished typing a lengthy blog about my recent experiences in the storm. But somehow, the computer would not publish it and in moving off of the page I lost it. It takes a lot out of me to publish this stuff because it is so close to home. If I am to offer a healing service to others, I must be open and vulnerable and share my own healing. If I can do it for myself, I can do it for others. And I must show that.

I will try my best to recreate the blog here!!

Lately, I have been wanting to do  a vision quest in the winter. I have done several already but they were done in much warmer weather. I have quested in the rain, and in the heat, and in the chilly night, but never have I cozied up to a full blown winter.  The cold and darkness have been calling me for quite a while now.

The runes have compared me to an iceberg!!  The greater part of me and the heavier part is underwater. In the cold and the dark!!   If I  am to grow I must confront that dark part and look her squarely in the eye.  As I have been doing this,  that underwater part of me is growing bigger and stronger!!  I am growing bigger and stronger!! My foundation is becoming more secure!!

The mysteries of the dark call. But, before I had a chance to get in touch with Grandfather and ask him to put me out, the area where I live was hit with a storm of major proportions. The trees in the front of my property collapsed and broke a telephone pole in half and dragged the wires to the ground. I was without power for almost three days, and still have no phone or internet. I am at the library using their wifi!!

At first I was calm and collected, saying, “It won’t last.  It never does past a few hours.”.

Then as the power outage lingered and it grew colder in my house, I began to wish it away.

Finally I dissolved in the deep physical  hurt of the cold and cried.  Deep under layers and layers of covers, dressed in layers and layers of clothing, it hurt and I cried!!  And I asked, “Why??”.

Finally Spirit got my attention and I cast the runes!! They spoke to me and it dawned on me, THIS WAS MY VISION QUEST.  THE ONE I HAD ASKED FOR.  I turned, faced the hurt  and the tears,  and asked it to teach me!!

I could see my breath in front of my face when I breathed. It would be like that outside!!  I was cold and I would be cold on the mountain. Spirit had come to my rescue and provided a vision quest right in my house, in answer to my prayers.

Later that night I fell asleep and when I woke up the whole world was new. Nothing in my house of 20 years was really familiar. It was all bright , shiny and new. Gauze had fallen from my eyes and it was all new. I basked in that reality!! Thank you spirit for my winter quest!!

There was much more that occurred during that time, but it is private and iIhave shared enough.

For those who wonder what happened on a physical level,  supplies did  begin to pour in from all around.  Eventually,  I was finally warm and cozy again.

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