Rune Magick

IMG_4212Seek truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

For the past few weeks I have been enwrapped (is there such a word??), in the womb of spiritual winter. It is a cold , icy place. Casting my runes, has only confirmed this and actually put words to it.

I have been immersed in that aspect of the runes that clarifies circumstances, both inner and outer , that are affecting my choices. In other words, what is for me and what is against me at this particular time.

But, somehow that was not cutting it. I found myself engaged in a struggle with myself. A struggle with my motives, and a struggle with my actions. I kept seeing myself doing things I did not think I really wanted to do do stay in allignment with the divine within me!!

How does that grab you. well, it grabbed me and hard!!

So I kept casting them to see how I was to finally be reborn out of the womb of winter.

Then it finally happened. My runes are truly my good friends. they stuck with me through this struggle and finally lead me out of it.

I was only seeing one side of the runes. True, they do portray the circumstances bearing on me, but they also can act as a mirror showing me in stark clarity what is going on in me. In other words,  my reactions to these circumstances!! I had missed this part of it. actually I was better off than I had thought. Through other vessels and sources the runes finally caught my attention. The things I was doing were not alienating me from my divine self. They were revealing it in its human reincarnation. I was rejecting my humanness by reflecting these parts of myself.

The answer lay , as always, in love. Self love!! I need to accept and love myself more. And in love the birth began!!


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