Letting Go and Letting In

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Recently I joined with a group of women who are preparing for the new year by examining their lives and letting go of anything they are holding on to that is no longer of service to them.  The purpose of this is to make room for  the new stuff that is coming in with the new year.  New growth!! New visions!! New relationships!!  New joys!! New happiness!! And the list goes on and on.  With a commitment to actively growing spiritually,  there is a constant process of letting go  and letting in.

We are like the snake, a  spirit guide for healing and health.  He   sloughs off the old skin on a regular basis in order to grow a new skin. Getting rid of the old warn out stuff that is only in the way of the new stuff coming in.  All of us  must slough off the old skin to make room to grow  a new one.  But we do not have to do it alone, because we have snake as a spirit guide and ally in the process to walk with us through this journey. And we have the shamanic practitioner to guide us through the process. That is where I come in. I am the guide .

In my process, I find I am making lists of all the old memories I am holding on to. They are really old unfulfilled dreams. And lately, I am realizing that some of these old dreams are still hanging busily around trying to fulfill them selves.  Whereas, they have no business there. Their time is past and they  have no part in my present  life .  Completed,  fulfilled or not, they have served their purpose. They have been part of the working out of my karma and now it is time for them to get out of the way and skedaddle. But there they are, nagging at the back of my soul  and holding me back.

So, I have taken on the task of digging them out and hustling them out of my life.  I do this by journeying to each memory, ferreting out the dream behind it and then engaging in a discourse . I explore it in minute detail, asking all sorts of questions like, where did you come from, why are you still here, just what did you hope to accomplish, what do you look like, and the list goes on and on.

After I have explored these dreams in detail, I am ready to see its place in the grander scheme of my present live  and I can release it to the light.  After releasing it I am ready to bring back the missing soul part that left when the pain of the unfulfilled dream became too much.

It is a constant process of dismemberment , release, extraction and soul retrieval.  such are the tools of the shaman.

I want each and every person who comes to me for healing work to know that I am only walking them through a process I have already walked through myself. I can safely navigate the path for  them because I have been there before.

I hope to talk more about these tools of the shaman in my later blogs.  For now I just want to let folks know that I have been there  and I love this work!!!

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