Embrace the Darkness

IMG_4212Seek truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

I am walking around the house rubbing my hands together to keep them warm. I feel the coldness in them. It chills me.  The heat is turned on though, but something in me is still cold.  Still feels the cold and shivers with it.

My soul is cold.  Colder than my body. it is emptying out. Making room for the new which must come, or so they say, but when??? The longest night of the year is at hand. the darkest and the longest.  Even now, my soul has been encased in the womb-darkness of winter. I yearn to break the ties. To break free of the cocoon and spread my beautiful wings and fly!!  Is this the first time? No, it is the “again” time!

In the darkness of the womb of birth. Every creature has a different womb and calls it by its own name.  Mine is the womb of winter.

Embrace the darkness, the small voice says. It is small but it is clear to my soul. And, to my soul it is loud enough to be heard and bring response!!

The runes tell me not to try to break free of the ice too soon, because this time of  being “stuck in the ice” is necessary for true freedom. Short circuit this time and you will not find true freedom, they whisper.  So, I remain.

Then the message comes loud and clear.  EMBRACE THE DARKNESS!!!  I respond, YES. ..My love, I embrace you.  The darkness is a lover, as the sun is a lover. But they are different. I want to get to know this lover better so I embrace!!  For I know that only in this embrace will new creations come!!!

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    Thanks for the forum.Really thank you! Fantastic. Bachtel

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