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Seek truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

I have entitled this blog, “Who am I ???”. I say that because many do not know just who or what a shamanic practitioner is.  As I eventually build this web site, I will get around to an “About” page, but that is still in my cyber future.

Lately in my reading I came across a wonderful book called “Wicca for Beginners”.  The author is  Thea Sabin.   In there I found what  consider to be one of the best definitions of a shaman . Sometimes it is hard for me  to describe myself.  Perhaps, because I am so close to myself.  So, I am going to use this definition.

She is quoting from  Mircea Eliade, in his book  Shamanism:  Archaic techniques of Ecstasy.

..A person who enters an altered state of consciousness in order to take a spiritual journey in order   to retrieve information , heal, …

The “spiritual journey” referred to  here is the Shaman’s Journey.  It is, in a very literal sense, a journey from the world of form to the world of spirit.  The world of form is made up of what we can actually make contact with through our five senses. The world of spirit is the world that is invisible to the five senses, but is reached through the use of the senses of our spirit.

I will be talking  about more in later blogs. In the meantime, please forgive me while I work out the bugs in this website.

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