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Seek the truth beyond tradition definition or image.

I am going to take a short break from sharing the tools of the shaman with you.  I have been going through a classic retrograde experience.  For me the retrograde shows up the things I need to let go of to progress.  So, in the long run it is a positive experience.  I will share some thoughts from the fire.  I  hope there are bits of wisdom tucked in their garments for you.

Living in the northwest we have rain 90% of the year.  I am realizing  that I live the biggest part of the year for three months of joyful sunshine , June, July and August.  The rest of the time I break out my umbrella and hope for a short view of the sun.  It occurred to me that many often live the days of the week surviving while waiting  for the weekend.  Five days lived in anticipation of two!!

When in the presence of difficult persons, remember the heart connection.  A beam of light stretching to the heart of the other. This makes it easier to love them.

When in  pain, feel the pain.  When disliking someone or something, feel the hatred. Let the feelings go deep.  So often we dip fully into the experience of joy but skip or run from the feeling of pain. Yet much healing is in the depths of the darkness.

When you fall into a pit of pain and hurt the true healer is the one who climbs down the steep ladder into the dark hole where you have fallen, reaches out a hand and shows you how to climb out with them.  The false healer is the one who leans over the deep hole and shouts down instructions about how you can  climb out.

There are different ways of working with spirit.  They vary according to the methods and need of the soul in their working with spirit.

Feeling deeply, screaming the pain, dancing the hurt is the best way to release. When I look closely at it , it seems to slide away more easily.  I feel my truth!!!!

People whose lives are buried in hurt  don’t lie about their lives, they just create a beautiful life in their imaginations.

I hope some of these resonate with your heart.  I have noticed that this is a very hard year for many:  sickness, financial loss, loss of dear family and friends, deaths of loved ones both people and pets, and much more.  I hope and trust that this is a way to create a new world by the release of the negativity of the old.

Love you all.  Thank you for checking in!




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Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition , or image. 

So far in my blogs on the shamanic tools, I have covered the soul retrieval, and the de-possession.  There is also a simple technique called the dismemberment.

Never fear, we are not talking about dismemberment of the physical but rather dismemberment of the spiritual.  In fact it can better be explained by using the words themselves.  It is  a dismembering, or taking apart, of  the things that do not serve us and thereby making it much easier to remember and function as  who we are in the eyes of  spirit.   The other word for that is the “true self”.

The things that do not serve us are the old attachments we carry around with us that no longer serve our best interests.  Some of these come from early teachings we received as a child and still hang onto, even though they have long outdated our growth.  Some come from cultural values that do not serve our best interests. As long as we adopt something and it does not really belong to us, we are the better when it is gone from our lives.

As these things are removed, we slowly re-remember just who we are in the eyes of the Spirit.  We slowly come into the present.  We become freer to make choices based on the  most benevolent life we want to live.  We remember that we are a pure spirit living in a physical body, and we slowly recover our true self.

It is difficult to live in the present when we have a lot of old ideas clinging to us.  So, the cord cutting process is similar to this and the two can function very well together.   In cord cutting we actually, in the world of spirit, cut cords that have held us to outmoded ideas and patterns of life that we have allowed ourselves to be corded into.  With the cutting of cords and the dismemberment of the old that does not serve us, we have two powerful tools to move forward in our spirit life.

And remember, I am doing all of my work this year, on a donation basis.  So sign up for  the work while this offer is still going on.


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Free Sessions

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition , image.

I am excited to share this with you.  As a practitioner,  I do many different types of healing sessions  for  people.  But, as a practitioner, I need to keep working on myself too.  That means all the types of healing modalities I do for others, I need to have done on myself in order to keep up my own connection to the spirit world.

Recently, another student from the same school of Shamanic Studies I have attended gave me a soul retrieval.  It was so wonderful.  I  feel the clearing results of it and this new form of empowerment and connection  I am moving into.   As time goes by the session settles in and the power of it becomes deeper and stronger.  This is typical of all healing sessions.  That is why I do not recommend anyone having too many sessions too close together.

One year I decided to take advantage of the low cost and free soul retrievals the students from the most recent class were offering.  I ended up having six soul retrievals over a three month period.  They were all powerful and healing but they came too close together, and it was a year before all of the work done bore full fruit in my life.

But, to get back to my point.  This particular soul retrieval that I had done recently was done on a donation basis, rather than a full cost basis.  After the session was finished and I was absorbing all of the wonderful results, the spirit spoke to me and told me that I too needed to do sessions of all sorts and types  on a donation basis rather than a full cost basis.  Wow!!!  What a revelation!!

For a while now, I have been struggling with the concept that many people who need this work cannot afford it. Or, at least cannot afford full cost.  Yet, there is a need for some sort of energy exchange to maintain balance .  But, donation fills that requirement.  And donation can be whatever the person coming to me can afford.

So, I made the commitment right there to do just that.

I am offering all of my shamanic work to any and all  on a donation basis.  I am truly excited to be doing this.  I have seen such wonderful even life changing results and I dearly want everyone to experience this.

So, get in touch with me and we will work together to give you a more happy and fulfilling life.

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Seek the truth beyond tradition, difinition or image

In today’s day and age we tend to think of possession as a past thing.  The concept of another spirit possessing us is seen almost as black magic and something that does not happen in today’s enlightened age.

Fortunately, it is far from anything that could be construed as black magic.  Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence, even in today’s society.  Gratefully, shamanic techniques can make a big difference and remove these  unwanted spirits.

It has been said that one can simply walk down the street and spirits can attach themselves to a person.  That is true.  I sage regularly to remove these spirits. Yet, there are other ways to remove them also.

But why would another spirit want to come and live in another person??  They can be looking for a body to live on in for a variety of reasons.   Confused spirits can ond often do possess a person simply because they are confused.  Sometimes, this is because their person has died and the method of death  was so sudden or tramautic the spirit is looking for another body to live on in.  Again, shamanic techniques can remove them.

Addictions can be caused by possesing spirits.  Illness, mental or physical, can be caused by possessing spirits. Not always, but often.  Removng them can mean major changes in the person possessed.  And there are other reasons. The only way to be safe is to remove the spirit.   Sometimes this is not easy, because the spirit possessing has a vested interest in remaining in the other  person.

But, I must warn you,  do not attempt to do this without extensive training.  The possessing spirit can simply move on to another pseron and sometimes that is the person doing the depossession.  I have stated before that shamanic work can be dangerous and this is one of those situations.  There are safe ways to do a depossession and this is one of the things that I do.I look forward to sharing more information about other shamanic techniques in future blogs.

If you are curious and wish to have this work done  contact me .  My email is  My CONTACT page has all the information you need to get in touch with me also.  I would be happy to schedule a session for you and we can share more in the session.

My WORKSHOP page has information on sessions I perform.   I love this work and love to share it with clients.


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How You Can Lose parts of Your Soul

seek the truth beyond tradition definition or image

What a strange thing to say!!!   Lose a part or even parts of my soul!!!  How on earth can I do that!!!  Well, actually, it is too easy and, unfortunately, it usually happens in a manner and at a time when we are not  very aware of the loss.  Even more unfortunately, and to add confusion to the situation, there are many definitions to describe just what  the soul is!!!  That is because there are  different approaches to the spiritual life and each  views the soul in a slightly different way.  For the purposes of  this blog I will be referring to the individual personality,  for this particular incarnation, as the soul.

So how can  you lose parts of your own personality.  Well, they can be surrendered under duress, eiter willingly or unwillingly.  They can also leave spontaneously when  pain  is just too great.  Parts can leave because of a trauma, physical or spiritual.

Where do they go when they leave???  Different places!!!  Usually , in the case of a traumatic or painful leave the parts hide and sometimes they can be hard for the practitioner to find.  Sometimes, I have even  had to go into dangerous places to find and recover lost soul parts.

Do they want to come back??  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.  I always have to ask  and the majority of the time the rcovered part wants to know if it is safe to come back.  They want reassurance that  they will be safe and well cared for upon their return. For this reason, the person must have grown spiritually to a point where they are ready to let go of the aftermath of the original issue that led  the soul parts to flee. So, in easier terms, soul parts will only return when the person is ready for them.  Just like we will only surrender pains that we are ready to release.  It is so easy to become comfortble with our problems and find the rut safer and  less frightening to negotiate than the yet  unknown vistas of health.

As a practitioner, I will not violate the integrity of the individual I am working with.  If they want to remain  where they are, I will leave them there.  When they are ready to move on they will, but I will never force anything.  My work is gentle but very effective.

One of my shamanic teachers always said that we should qualify our requests for spiritual growth with the word, “gently”.  Getting hit by a proverbial 2×4 from the spirit world is not a pleasant experience.  I know, I have been clouted that way, when I become too impatient  to move on.  It takes many incarnations to grow to enlightment and it is usually a slow process.  I prefer slow and gentle to the otherwise violent upheavals  that sometimes occur,  and believe me, I have had my share of those.  They are effective but unpleasant.

Our life in western civilization tends to be fast paced and not easy on the soul.  That is why we so often miss the loss of our soul.  It is important to keep tabs regularly.  For this reason I myself work with a practitioner who keeps me clear and up to date on my own spiritual growth.  I can ssure you, if you come to me for a soul retrieval, I will work with the spirits for a gentle and fulfilling experience of the recovery of your total soul self.

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Working with Animals

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image.

This is the second in my new series about the tools a shamanic practitioner uses.  This one will share how I work with animals as well as people.  Another truth beyond  definition .

Animals have their own special kind of magic. Often, they are more receptive for this shamanic work than their human counterparts.  Those who live with us often, sadly, inherit our life issues.  Their hearts are so in tune with our needs that they often fall innocent victims to our moods, problems and unresolved conflicts. They too, need the work of the shamanic practitioner.

I have seen complete turn around after  soul retrievals  done  with pets. My own dog friend  has felt  a complete turn around from confused, nervous , upset , and sometimes angry , to the awesome gentle giant people see when he comes into their presence.  He is a gentle,  soothing , healing presence , whereas when he came to live with me,  he was lost in a tangled web of human confusion and innocent mistakes.  It took most of a year but, with love and care and lots and lots of this work, he is now a  completely different spirit and a joy to be with. His aura often attracts complete strangers as we walk together.  I am often amazed at the effect he has on people, especially little children.  This is a totally different dog than than the one who came to me years ago.

I have also imbued my home with the energy of the Universal Spirit through reiki, to preserve and continue the work begun in the session.

In visiting  rescues, I   often just walk through the rescue facilities and listen as the  beings  living there call to me asking for help and companionship.  “The noise in here hurts my ears”.  “Come and pet me”.  “Talk to me”.  “Take me home”.  And the most heart rendering, “Listen to me.  I have something to say”.

I invariably imbue  my hands with high level reiki, and fill the surroundings   with the love of the Universal Spirit, the same way I do in my own home.  However, in using reiki with animals, there is one major difference.  I never send  the energy directly onto the animal,    but rather  I  direct the energy around the  animal into their circumstances and energy  field. It is better to let them  decide to enter the field. Their response is amazing and gratifying.

Another aspect of animals I have touched on above, is their desire to communicate with us, their human pack leaders. Their voices are many, and their desire to communicate with us is one of the most fascinating situations I have ever entered.  Often, a dog or horse will stop in front of me and just look up and begin to talk.  I always stop whatever I am doing and listen.  To hear them express their love and their needs without hesitation often brings me to tears.  They know what they need, and they are so very receptive to the love that comes.

I am often amazed at how well they know what is lacking in their lives, and how clearly  they express their feelings.  Seeing the light of the worker, they gravitate toward the one who will fulfill their lives.  Spirit to spirit they call.  Though they do not use words as we do, they communicate even more  effectively through heart telepathy.  I often wish my human clients could be as clear as animals.

It was at an early age that I discovered the blessing of the gift of the ability to share  with my animal friends.  And to me, all animals are friends, tame or wild.  As I studied and grew in this work,  I have found one of my greatest joys in helping complete the circle of creation by sharing with the animals.

I want to add one last note before moving on.  As a shaman works in the dark with the spirit world, often these spirits are those of beings no longer living on this physical plane. I hope to go more into this in future blogs.  As I describe the various techniques, you will see how this incorporates into the work .  Please come with me on this journey into the fascinating world of spirits.


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Shamanic Techniques

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image

I have been thinking for a while now about starting a series of blogs explaining some of the basic techniques used in a shamanic session.  Today will be the first in such a series.  I have already mentioned some of these in other blogs, but today I will be going into more detail.

I will also be using the terms, shaman, shamanic practitioner and practitoner interchangeably.

In explaining just what a shamanic practitioner is and does is not always so easy.   I prefer to use the simplest explanation.  The shamanic practitioner is one who moves with ease between the physical, observable world of time and gravity and  the world of spirit.  The spirits have  so much wisdom and knowledge  and they are so wanting to share this with humans in the physical world.  It is possible for all people to hear the spirits but very few know how to hear.

Hearing in the spirit world is a heart thing.  Perhaps you have heard of the words, “heart telepathy”.  This is another name used to describe communication in this spirit world.  It is in the world of spirit that the shaman does the work.

There are two different ways  to accomplish this work. Sometimes, the shaman must be a simple hollow bone through which the spirits move to and from this world of time and gravity and the world of spirit,  in their purpose of working with the client directly.  This is usually described as a merge.  The spirits merge with the practitioner to accomplish their work.

Sometimes, the spirit works directly with the practitioner and the practitioner interacts directly with the patron.  I have done both many times.

Movement through  these two very different worlds is called a journey. And the journey is the  most basic technique of the shaman.

I teach a journey workshop.  In this workshop I teach   how to move through the three worlds of the spirit;  the upper, the lower and the middle.   It is an interactive workshop and I emphasize  lots of practice.

In the next of this series I will begin to talk in more specific detail about how the shaman interacts in these three different world of spirits. I will talk about the soul retrieval, and the de-possession along with  other techniques.  I look forward to sharing with you .

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Don’t dump your stuff

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image

Those of you who follow me know I look on life with a slightly different focus.  Life is not unilateral.  It is not the same for everyone.  It, in fact, differs from place to place and person to person.  Ideas we have been told are gospel really are not necessarily so for everyone.  And I am devoted to presenting the flexibility of the spirit in demonstrating itself in different ways to everyone.

So often, I have been told that we should separate ourselves from material things. Some accept  that material things and this whole physical world is a dream. I will not debate differences in beliefs because I believe all are valid. But, for me, if this world is a dream, it is a hard one. I live in a place of time, space and gravity and physical reality is physically hard. When I had my automobile accident the hit between the truck and my car was hard and very damaging to the car. I was fine but I  might not have been.  The collision  was a hard impact.  I live with the results of that impact, and the recurring cost of fixing or obtaining a car.

I live in a world that uses money as a item of barter. So, when I go to costco, or the grocery coop, i want money!!!  Lots of it!!!  Enough to buy good quality food and enough of it.  I want to buy good furniture  that will last!! I want solid clothing that will we sell when I am hard on it.  Sometimes these things cost a bit of money.  Money is a spirit.  Money is spiritual.  In fact money is very spiritual. I will elaborate a bit further.

I am going to deal with the idea of stuff now. Physical stuff!!  Why should I disconnect my self from it??   Why is the phrase simplify your life usually applied to physical phenomena primarily.  I believe I should hang on to my stuff. Why?  Lots of reasons!!  It brings me joy. Everything I have in my home and work place and environs is from a special person or situation and I am bonded with it. This makes me happy!!!

Another reason is that everytime I have a sale, I usually am sorry something left because  I eventually find a use for it. Why replace , even with a simpler thing, when what I have will do perfectly nicely.   And lastly, and perhaps, most important, everything has a spirit.  Spirits are my friends and companions and mentors. I want to keep them all near.  They ave chosen to e there for  reason.

Yes, I do want to cleanse myself from the  stuff in my live  that is holding me back from reaching my spiritual goals.  But the things that hold me back are primarily  emotional or mental not physical.   When I step into my home I am surrounded by all the spirits of my stuff. Everything  has a spirit and I can talk to everything and it can answer. These are live  real beings and I   want them all there . I come home from wherever and I am surrounded by the love of these spirits. I go to work and the books I work with call to me at home. They reach out and surround me with their love and warmth before  I even get to work. They protect me  and they love me and they mentor and guide me. Why would I ever want to get rid of them.  They make me happy!!!  And happiness is a powerful spiritual goal.

No, stuff is not non spiritual. Money is not non spiritual. All are spirits and they can all help me develop and fulfill the reason I chose for being here at this time and in this personality.

For the future!! For a while now, I have been wanting to blog  a series on  shamanic  healing techniques and why they are so valuable in our lives.  I will finally begin this series in my next blog.

Till then, please enjoy your stuff.  Today is a day of thanksgiving.  Tell everything in your home and place of business a big  “Thank you!!!”  They are all in your space for a reason.  They chose to be there to show you their love and to help you be the person you want to be.  They chose to answer your request.  Thank your stuff for loving you!!! I am thanking mine right now!!!!!

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Enter the darkness

Seek the Truth beyond Tradition, Definition or Image

It has been a while since I blogged.  So much has been happening.  This is not only my birthday year but a year of great changes.  For the first time, I have truly entered my darkness.  The place inside myself, deeper than my soul and deeper than this  life itself!!  The place where I hide all my fears and unfulfilled wishes and dreams!!  The place where I store the things I do not like about myself!!  The place where I hide the things I do not want to look at.

The hard part about that is , when I hide something, it still rules my life.  It does not disappear.  So many times I dance the dance of childhood and sing the songs I sang then, yet I am now an adult.

I forget that that time is so passed and I must seek new beginnings.  I forget that nothing will change unless I change it!!  And,  moving from the wounds of the past into the joy of the present is sometimes a task, but it is my task!!

The wheel of the year moves into the dark period after Sonheim or Halloween.  The days are shorter, and the darkness overwhelms the sun.  As I move into the darkness of this time, I celebrate the darkness of that holiday.  In the tradition of the old religion,  the year settles into a time of rest. In that old tradition, that is the beginning of the new year.  I like that the new year begins with rest.

The new moon of November is called the Crone Moon.  The Crone is the  time  when life slows up. It is the time when we look deep into the wisdom of our ancestors.

Periods of change usually begin with a flurry of activity.  But, this view of the year reflects in the wisdom of our lives and the lives of those who have gone before and those who will follow after.  We begin with a time of rest.  A gathering in of our souls, and a looking deep into ourselves.

I see my deeper  darker moments.  I wonder how I am being led by the wounds of my childhood.  What emotions do I carry forward??  What feelings and conclusions and convictions are leading my life now.  Have I looked closely and studied.  Have I considered that it is within my power to make a choice ? Why   do I still hold the same convictions? Why   do I still hold the same beliefs about myself and the world around me??

But, this night meditating on it all, my spirit friends show me that the  “why”, is unimportant.  I do not need to know why to make a change.  All I have to do is look deep into the things that I have encrusted my soul with. All I have to do is take responsibility. All I have to do is pick up courage and just look!!  Then I begin the arduous process of discarding that which no longer serves me. It is a thing of joy to feel the release!!  It is a thing of peace to finally comes to terms with my childhood and put aside the excess.

I feel the energy gathering!!  I feel my soul stretching to expand!!  Calling to me to let it go!!!!!!!!! To release it into the joy of the present!!  To step into my power!!!!



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Bring Gifts for the Land!!

Seek the truth beyond tradition, definition or image

I love to hike and backpack in the back country away from the crowds of people.  That way I can converse with the spirits of the land without distraction . So , consequently I look for places to hike away from the centers of  population.  And, I look for off days when most folks are not out in nature.  I also seek times of the year when people are not likely to be out and about.   Like the colder or the hotter weather, or even the wetter parts of the year!

Not too long ago, I read something by Henry David Thoreau, that really touched my heart and deeply affected my life.  It read:

Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snow in the fields and woods if you would keep your spirits up.  Deal with brute nature.  Be cold and hungry and weary.”

I lived the truth of this the day I climbed up  Truman ridge on Mt St Helens. I started out wearing  three layers of clothing,  each suited to a different type of weather.  The first part of the hike was a bit chilly but dry.  Then I descended into a cold pocket where I had to add on  warm outer clothing.  Then, as I climbed higher,  rain began to fall and the wind increased its strength.  The fog settled in around me so at times it was even difficult to see the path.  Finally I was above everything, even the clouds.  The wild birds were flushing as I approached.  It was bitter cold, powerfully windy and raining so hard I had to stop several times to be sure I was not headed toward the edge of the cliff. With wind, rain and fog I just could not see.  Having glasses made things  worse because, like a windshield with broken wipers, the rain hindered  my vision even more.

I was cold!!  I was getting   hungry.  And I was definitely weary.  Going up and up and up , only to find there was more “up” to go, tired me out.


The mountain spoke and her voice was loud and clear!!! The earth vibrated with her energy!!! The animals fluttered and cried out!!  The wind careened around me whispering its messages.  Yet, the silence was so deep it was beyond human ears.

Before I ever go hiking, or even visiting people in another town or state or country, I always make a visit in spirit to the spirits of the land where I am going.  I ask permission to come on that land and I ask what gifts they would like.  Then , in spirit, I offer those gifts.  I had done this before my climb that day and my prayer was rewarded ten fold and more.

Sometimes, it is the trees that offer permission. Sometimes the response comes from the indigenous original people of the land.  And sometimes it is the animals or the dirt itself.  So often we go for a walk and ignore the spirits where we are walking.  It is like having a stranger walk into our homes without permission and just taking over , doing what they like when and where they like.  It is just plain rude!!!  How can we expect the land to accept us, without showing some basic courtesies.  And, as for revealing her secrets, never!!!  We must show respect and courtesy to the land and her inhabitants, if we are to hope for her to reveal her  miracles.  She loves us, but we must show her proper care.

In parting I have these words for you.  Unfortunately I do not remember where I read them.  If anyone remembers, please let me know. But, it is important for you to know that while I am not the originator of these words, they impacted my soul as I hope they impact yours.

“You are no swift burning spark.  You are a torch against the night, if you dare to let yourself burn.”

Go to the earth, blending your light with hers, and burn together.  She has healing gifts for you, if you would just approach her properly.  You will find yourself in her.




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